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Pulling the Cord:  Managing Energy Cords in Relationships

As I sit here with Spirit, I am asked to share some information and insights about what people often refer to as energy cords, which can be positive, free-flowing and love-based or negative, damaging and fear-based extending out from the physical body from or to another person or situation. Energy cords are usually invisible to the physical eye and are often attached to one or more chakra centers which provides insight into the type of attachment and energy which is flowing back and forwards, between yourself and the person at the other end. Although some cords with spouses, parents and children are appropriate most energy cords are unhealthy and create imbalances or co-dependency with others.

Because energy cords can be quite subtle you may not immediately notice any changes and shifts in your energy (thoughts, emotions or actions) that can occur as a result. Some of the things you may notice or experience when there is an unhealthy energy cord attached to your energy field include:

  • Feelings of emptiness or exhaustion

  • Feeling drained and tired

  • Lost for words, confused or uncertain

  • Overthinking or overwhelming persistent negative thoughts

  • Crying or feeling angry for no apparent reason

  • Eating more food to help ground your energy

  • Feeling frustrated or burdened by someone else's needs/desires

  • Drinking in order to suppress your awareness of heavy energy

  • Being distracted from your purpose and passion

  • Feeling weary with life and like you have lost your way

  • Light bulbs in your home continually & quickly needing to be replaced

  • Clients or appointments suddenly & unexpectedly falling away

  • Bank account balances suddenly & unexpectedly reducing

While there are a large variety of reasons why there may be an unhealthy energy cord attached between yourself and another person, they most commonly occur through traumatic experiences, from a sense of betrayal, guilt, blame, anger, depression or a fear-based attachment of some kind. They can also attach through needs, wants or desires that either one or both of you believe you can help to fulfill. Some common examples may include:

  • Help develop spiritually

  • Increase business opportunities

  • Better understand self

  • Listen to or speak to

  • Show or send love

  • Support and empower

  • Unable to express feelings openly

  • Play or share passion for life

  • Sex or intimacy

  • Financial support or survival

  • Physical help and security

  • Personal or spiritual healing

In order to recognise and notice when there are unhealthy cords attached to your energy field it is important to learn and understand how to manage your own energy. You can also learn how to see and feel when you may have cord(s) attached by learning to connect with your intuitive abilities as well as through a regular meditation practice. The best way to identify cords using your intuitive abilities is to tap into your own energy field (aura) and ask to be drawn to or show any cord(s), once located you can trace them out to see who or what is located at the other end and identify the reason for the cords existence.

Once you are aware of the cord, who or what is at the other end and the reason, it is important to undertake a process to cleanse and clear yourself of any these unwanted, unhealthy or fear-based attachments. When talking about clearing fear-based energy cords you may have heard of the term 'cut-the'cords', which can be done by simply asking and setting a clear intention to heal and transform any fear-based attachments, by using crystals or herbs as well as through meditation where you invite your Angels, Guides or loved ones in to support and help you. If someone is energetically cording to you on repeated occasions, it is important to find out why so that you are able to resolve the issue and re-balance the energy.

Spirit reminders you of the importance of regularly cleansing and clearing yourself of energy cords so that you clear away the past, feel a sense of relief, peace, freedom and detachment from the person or situation as well as hope, faith, clarity and excitement for your present and future. This will also help you to be able to remain in your own energy, stand in your strength, stay fully grounded and centered on your path, following your heart and passion as well as attracting the right people into your life.

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