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Embracing the Wobble: Finding Divine Path & Purpose

This morning as I sit here with Spirit, I am asked to bring through insight and guidance for you around what is often referred to as your ‘Divine Life Path’ or ‘Divine Purpose’.

What does ‘Divine Life Path’ or ‘Divine Purpose’ even mean you ask? We understand that you may have heard others talk about being on their path or even giving you guidance and advice about which path you are meant or supposed to take along your journey. Today we would like to share with you all from our deepest heart space of Divine Love, our perspective and to offer you some suggestions ….

We would like to suggest that as you clarify your identity, who you are at your very core, your essence, your personality and what it is that you truly value in life, you will begin to embrace the Divine Love that is already within you. As you do this you will begin connecting with what is often referred to as your authentic self, the parts of you that are open, honest, accepting and appreciating of who you are. Once you allow all of you to shine, love all aspects of who you are, you will be able to identify and start using your natural talents and skills, which you and only you were given from Divine Love, in order to walk your path and align with your Divine purpose in this lifetime. When you embrace these three aspects of yourself, this is when you will begin to notice life beginning to flow, you will begin attracting more abundance (in all of its forms) more inner and outer wealth, joy, happiness and love. You will then radiate your truth, authenticity and Divine Light out from your being to all those around you who will also know and feel that you are operating from your Divine Path and Purpose and be drawn to you to support them in open to their own light.

Now we understand that some of you may have in fact experienced challenges throughout your lifetime where you learnt about fear, doubt, judgement, criticism and guilt. Where you had low self-esteem and little confidence, perhaps you were not a risk-taker. You may have even experienced the constant duality of good-bad, right-wrong, light-dark, positive-negative etc. These experiences may have created a pattern of circular, negative thinking, where you slip easily into doubt and fear, slipping into old habits of failure and lack, creating what we refer to as a “wobble” or “detour” from your path and purpose. It is times like these that many of you may feel hopeless, like you are repeating old stories, a lack of direction and focus, like you have lost connection with your true authentic self and like you are unable to find way back to love!

Trust that all of these experiences, times of significant change, challenges or where you begin to ‘wobble’, you are in fact still on your path and following your purpose, you may just be taking the longer road to your destination, going on a detour to collect more knowledge, wisdom or understanding, may need to learn to jump over obstacles, take time out to sit and observe what is at play or perhaps experience what feeling ‘stuck’ feels like. The best way for you to navigate these experiences is to keep asking your higher self for help, for guidance, for direction –ask ‘how can I find success again?’, ‘how can I embrace and anchor in new patterns and habits around success which are securely ingrained in my be-ing?’. Then simply, open your heart and allow the inner guidance to flow freely to you, where you are able to find love again, find your true identity, your authentic divine self and walk your path and purpose with confidence and integrity so that everything else simply falls into place and you will know and feel like you have come home.

So, from this moment forward we ask that you simply allow Divine Love to shine through you, to embrace your authentic self and then simply allow us to show you your Divine Path and Divine Purpose along the way. Remember, it is all about your journey!!!


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