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Winning the Battle: Love versus Fear

As I Spirit here with Spirit this morning, I am asked to remind you to embrace the emotional body to allow all of what is present to be, without judgement, without the need to know what it means or what it is that needs to be done about it. Now, I completely understand and know that when it comes to the emotions, there are some that you may not be comfortable acknowledging or even allowing yourself to feel, for whatever reasons, however, today the Universe, Spirit is asking that in order for you to align with your goals and desires, what you want in life, you must allow the heart to do what it is there to do, experience emotion.

When it comes to emotions, there really are just two basic emotions you all experience, love (positive) and fear (negative). All of the other emotions you experience, joy, happiness, pleasure, sadness, grief,jealousy, hurt, whether mild or extreme, in any given moment are simply a variation of these two powerful emotions. Throughout your life you may have been taught, consciously or unconsciously, by society or your parents to hide and not express negative or strong emotions or to be ashamed of them or that you must live with them, suck them up, bottle them, push them deep down within and just get on with things. For example, some of you may have been taught that crying is a sign of weakness, to be happy with what you have, that it is greedy to want more or that you are out of control if you get angry etc etc etc. As a result, you may have probably become very skilled at avoiding, resisting, dismissing situations and experiences you find difficult, painful, unable to cope with or afraid of by:

  • Keeping yourself busy

  • Working excessively

  • Drinking or eating more

  • Taking prescription or recreational drugs

  • Exercising more

  • Ignoring the situation or pretending it hasn’t/didn’t happen

  • Engaging in compulsive behaviours (eg. Cleaning, sex)

  • Intellectualising and analysing

  • Reading or watching TV

  • Having superficial conversations

  • Masking emotions with peace and love

However, when you repress, bottle or resist your negative emotions you will often feel symptoms such as:

  • Fatigue, lethargic, who cares attitude

  • Depression

  • Talking about issues/interests instead of person, situation, feelings or patterns

  • Pretending it doesn’t matter

  • Not talking about feelings at all

  • Blowing up over minor things

  • Knots in the stomach and tightness in the throat

  • Feeling angry a couple of days after not at the time

  • Focusing on kids/money etc rather than yourself

  • Difficult to talk about and accept yourself

  • Troubled personal relationships

  • Lack of ambition and motivation

  • Laughing on the outside but crying on the inside

While, there are a number of different techniques you can use to release and transform some of the fear-based emotions you may become aware of, I have personally found the following process to be really simple, easy and effective:

  1. Present: Take a few deep breaths into your belly so that you become present to what emotion is being brought to the surface for you to release and let go of

  2. Acknowledge: Express and acknowledge, whether verbally or in a journal, what it is that you are currently experiencing

  3. Accept & Appreciate: Move into a space of acceptance of what is coming up and appreciate that it is in fact a gift to let you know that you are closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be, an opportunity to appreciate what you want more and less of, where you may need to forgive as well as what is in need of releasing

  4. Shift: Take some time to shift back into your power, calling back any high vibration energy which rightfully belongs to you that has been lost, stolen or given away, forgiving yourself and others, anchoring yourself into acceptance of the now and faith in what is to come and opening yourself up to receive

  5. Embrace: Be ready, willing and able to embrace the new emotions and experiences that are about to enter your physical reality as well as allowing yourself to make decisions from the heart, using your intuition to guide you on the next highest most loving steps to take

  6. Gather & Gratitude: Start gathering information and evidence that your goals and desires, what you want in life, are on their way or already in your reality and express your gratitude to the Universe for this being so

So, today Spirit reminds you that in order to begin experiencing the beautiful positive emotions that are also available to you in any given moment, you must be willing to acknowledge their opposites, the so called negative emotions so that you are then able to bring yourself back into balance emotionally. To learn to be with all of your emotions in positive ways, despite how uncomfortable others may feel, is not only extremely important for your overall well-being, it is absolutely essential for you to align with your goals and desires and manifest all of what you want in life!


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