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Unmask Me! Authentic v's Fictional Self

In the moment of time when you were birthed into this physical world, you were exactly who you were created to be, your true Authentic Self, a perfectly whole individual of love to the absolute core. When you came into this world your authentic self was given all the skills, talents and wisdom, all of the things that are uniquely yours and needed to be expressed in this lifetime.

As you grew and began to experience the world, whether within your family, through society, schools, teachers, religions etc, you may have begun to take on roles, beliefs and information which were not authentic for you. This is where what is referred to as the Fictional Self is birthed and starts be-ing created, this is the person the world has told you to be, the person who fills the roles your family and friends expect of you, ignoring your true gifts and talents and simply playing the roles or parts assigned to or inherited by you.

When you are living life from your fictional self you are sent and receive information about who you are and what you should be doing, which can leave you feeling incomplete, as if there is a hole in your soul. Living this way drains you of your critical life force energy, the energy you need to thrive, to pursue your needs, wants and desires and the things which are of value to you in life. By living as your fictional self you are essentially placing your trust and faith in a broken compass, that is your ego or fear, to guide you along the journey which blocks loving, positive intuitive information coming in and disconnects you from who you are at the very core of your being, your authentic self.

Now, your authentic self is shaped and built around your core values, what you hold to be most important in life, which has an impact on what you decide to believe, which in turn shapes what you think and feel about yourself and others as well as your actions, choices and the experiences that allow or disallow in life. To become who you really want and are meant to be and begin living your life the way that feels loving and right for you as well as to pursue the things that you truly value, you must be able to identify, understand and align with your authentic self.....So how do you do that???​​ Well, at the very beginning is a very good place to start! One of the things that I suggest is to take some time to explore each of the following openly and honestly to find out who you are and then have a few of the people closest to you to also identify who they see you as being:

  • Personality

  • Values

  • Beliefs

  • Behaviours

  • Needs

  • Goals

  • Motives

  • Strengths

  • Weaknesses

Be willing to explore, get to the truth of who you are be-ing in this very moment in time, is it your fictional or authentic self? Be really open and honest with yourself and allow others to do the same, without judgement, as this will help you to be able to see and understand where you are at and be able to move into acceptance of what is, appreciating the experiences, roles and information you have taken on as a part of your learning. You can then make a decision, a choice, to get into alignment and integrity with your true authentic self so that you can begin be-ing all of who you were born to be, doing all of the things and using all of the skills and abilities that are uniquely yours and that you came into this lifetime to express. In other words you can start be-ing YOU!!!


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