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Twin Flame Connecting - Chaneling

This channelled message Twin Flame Connecting was brought through from Archangel Michael and the Guardians of the Flame for all those who are ready to re-connect with their Twin in this lifetime:

Dear one, you who has been guided to read this message and connect with us here. We bring through a message for those who are consciously moving towards re-connection with what many refer to as your Twin Flame. Today, we wish to share some insights and thoughts with you to propel you forwards, to encourage you to keep walking the path, to help you remain steadfast in your focus to anchor this unconditional love into your physical world. For this is the purpose that many of your souls have chosen to embrace in this lifetime to support the enlightenment of all others in your world, for as you embrace this Twin Flame connection physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and align yourself with it, this creates a massive ripple of loving healing energy to those all around you, whether they are conscious of it or not, and raises the vibration and frequency of the collective.

For many of you reading this message today, you have had many a lifetime as a healer or light-worker, in it's many different forms and have experienced betrayals, abandonment, loneliness, jealousy and judgement as a result. Many have carried these low vibration and toxic energies or patterns which have played out across many lifetimes. Understand that there was a lifetime, perhaps several, in which your success as a healer or light-worker did not endear you to others and you experienced others jealousy and judgement simply because they did not understand the gifts and healing abilities you were given. Rather than seek to understand these abilities and differences or you some were more comfortable judging you as being different, wrong or odd as a result and sometimes betrayed, abandoned, disappointed or cast you out for fear of being associated with someone so different. Know that if you are experiencing any of these in your current lifetime, at some level you carry with you a fear of being successful again, a fear of being alone, a fear of not having what you desire of not being accepted or loved by others.

Today we ask you to have compassion for and forgive those people who judged you as they simply did not know how to embrace and be consciously in a space of love, unconditional love, for you and themselves and acted from their own fear of the unknown. We ask that you allow us to use the blue flame to clear these events, situations and patterns from all your previous lifetimes, from every cell in your body, from the ancestral line and across all future lifetimes from this moment forward so that you may now embrace success and unconditional love more fully. Just simply know that by reading this you are being cleared as there is a significant step that you are about to take in your journey of re-connection with your Twin and in your work in bringing unconditional love and healing into the global consciousness. You are now being asked to step forward and allow your gifts to shine and your light from Spirit to be shared and seen by these around the world.

Understand that you have experienced love on many different levels, some joyful and some more challenging, all of these experiences were part of your journey and provided you with gifts or understanding for self and others so that you would be able to move forward knowing how to help others all the while knowing that you have always loved and that you will always be love. Dear one, we urge you today to remember that at your core, the true essence of who you are is love and that the love from us in the vast world of Spirit of which there is an unlimited supply of all things and from which all is created, is always available to you as it is within you. We know that you have and did love and that you have and did experience many aspects of life which appeared to be the opposite of love, it is now time for each of you to step further into a new realm and level of consciousness you have already reached and to start be-ing more of who you are now, in this present moment, from this new vibration and frequency, being all of who you are.

You are now asked to remove the last level of protection that you have had around your beautiful enormous heart, which shines so bright and so heavenly, to open fully to allowing your Twin Flame into your physical reality. We ask that you add love to all that you do! To embrace and be unconditional love, on a more conscious level each and everyday, so that you may use your intuition and discernment, to know where and what you are to step into, trusting what love feels like and allowing love to be your guide, your signpost, to where it is that you are to be and the action steps we ask you to take so that your divine destiny can be presented to you with ease and grace. We understand that you have endured many a test and challenge, it is no longer necessary to endure and to fight for what you want. For as of today, as you step further into this new realm, this new way of being, you can simply ask, know and trust that we are working to provide all that is in your highest good and highest good of all with harm none.

We have your dreams for financial wealth, success, freedom and love in our hands and we are ready to bring all of what you desire to you as long as you trust that we have your back. Trust that we are working to bring your Twin Flame to you, we are ensuring that you are both in the vibration and frequency to enjoy and embrace a beautiful loving relationship for the long haul, as this is what you both desire and are worthy of. Please know that if you are not currently re-connected physically with your Twin, that they have some challenges to work through still and all will be revealed in Divine Time. You will be so incredibly grateful that you allowed the space for this healing to take place. Trust that your Twin is stepping forward and that you are stepping where you are supposed to be at this time. Keep consciously connecting with them, say good night and good morning to them as you wake and include them in your day as if they were already with you physically, for they have thoughts of you more often than you know.

You will fly sooner than you think. We are working in the back ground to bring you more opportunities to heal yourself and others, to lift the vibration and frequency of the planet by following your purpose and doing what you are passionate about. Trust that you will also know when the time is to make your move. Trust we will bring you the resources, support and help that you need, for we are always working for you. It is time to dream!

I love you my Angel, keep flying!


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