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Allow Yourself to Shine Brightly!

As I sit here on my comfortable sofa in Santa Marta, Colombia ... I am drawn to share with you 5 tips that will allow you to shine your light & embrace your power:

  1. Get to know you! Become your own best friend, talk to yourself, ask you how you are feeling, what you need want & desire, share your fears, what you are passionate about, your dreams and the opportunities in front of you

  2. Steer your own life! Discover your own direction, purpose & go after what it is that you want! Once you know what it is you want or where you want to go, it is easier to take the baby steps along the way to get you where you are going & you can re-adjust if necessary

  3. Create space where you are accepted! Distance yourself from people who may or do judge you, end the relationship if you need to. Give yourself time & space to be you & make your own decisions. Take the pressure off not having to share with others, it helps you stay in your own power!!!

  4. Become aware of your thoughts & opinions! Notice if you re stepping into judgement of who you are or what you are or are not doing, which usually comes from fear, as well as how you judge others. Practice non-judgement & remember that the opinion of others is less important than your own so stay in your power of Self-expression

  5. Embrace vulnerability! Gather your strength & no longer pretend to be someone you are not, share your experiences, thoughts, feelings & story allowing yourself to step into the vulnerability of fully opening your heart to others. You will be surprised to see all the wonderful ways that you are then supported, embraced & loved by others. You will then allow for healthier & more fulfilling relationships with people who love you for who you really are

So, grab a hold of the wheel, embrace all of who you are & get on out into the world and show them all the amazing gifts you have to offer!!


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