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Embracing your Sexy!

As I sit here on the comfortable sofa here in Santa Marta Colombia connecting with Spirit I am drawn to discuss the word 'sexy' with you and to share the following 5 tips to help you 'Embrace your Sexy': 1. Open the Heart: When you are willing to accept and allow the space for all of your emotions and to embrace the capacity to be vulnerable by sharing them with another then this is what is considered emotional security....and guess what, it is as sexy as hell! 2. Exchange from the Heart: When you are able to give and receive energies (words, emotions and actions) in a balanced way with others, show them you are thinking of them, that you are wanting and willing to help and you are able to be generous, then you demonstrate a deep caring for others, including yourself ...... which is so sexy! 3. Grow and Learn: When you are willing and able to embrace the capacity to learn and grow personally and spiritually, figure things out, have an understanding and appreciation that change and transition are part of all relationships ..... you are embracing your sexy! 4. Confidence: When you are able to acknowledge and accept the moments where you are not a great partner, feel angry, sad, hurt, fearful or self-conscious and take responsibility for these feelings as well as hold yourself with confidence and certainty, ask questions, wonder, show intelligence and accept situations, especially imperfect ones, allowing for flexibility, faith, resilience, self-forgiveness and compassion....then you exude sexy! 5. Authenticity: When you can sit with another person and 'feel' as great as you do when you are alone, do your own work, writing, reading or simply be-ing when they are there with you, without them needing to entertain you or vice-versa or needing to be any different as well as being able to challenge and get to know each other at a deeper level .... then that is massively sexy! While the way a person looks is certainly important and can be incredibly sexy, looks are only part of the package! Be-ing sexy includes so much more, it is about how the person carries themselves, how they treat others, themselves, loved ones and the world around them, it is about how they 'embrace their inner sexiness'!

Will you 'embrace your sexy' today? Are you ready to go out into the world and show the sexy Goddess or God that you truly are?


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