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Pulling Your Hair Out! Stress

As I sit here with Spirit this afternoon, I am drawn to share some insights and learnings with you around manifesting, self-sabotage and stress.

Now, remember that the Law of Attraction is based on your thoughts, emotions and actions, so it is essential that you take a look at how you are spending your time, energy and resources in terms of your behaviours and whether these are moving you towards or away from what it is that you intend to create in your life. This means that the actions you take each and every day need to fully support, be in alignment with and be a vibrational or energetic match to the thing or things that you are asking to have appear in your world.

If your actions are positive, high vibrational and aligned with your goals and desires then the Universe has no option but to bring you what it is that you are asking for, bringing you synchronicities and coincidences, opportunities, people and resources which seemingly just fall into place or come into your world at exactly the right time without any effort or work on your behalf. However, if your actions are negative, low vibrational or not aligned they can essentially be described as self-sabotaging behaviour which can play out through a combination of your behaviours, thoughts, emotions or actions resulting in more obstacles, challenges and often new larger problems being created which end up hindering your ability to achieve what it is that you are wanting as well as potentially unsettling relationships along the way. These self-sabotaging behaviours can linger in your life for years, creating roadblocks as a result of previous experiences, situations and relationships, creating low self-esteem, lack of self-worth and a lack of confidence in yourself, your decision making as well as your skills and abilities.

While, self-sabotage can come in many forms and manifest in many different ways, the pattern of stress can have a significant impact on creating, manifesting and allowing yourself to receive what it is that you are asking the Universe to have appear in your life. Stress, is essentially a negative pattern and emotion which presents itself when you are not dealing with life in healthy and positive ways, thus giving your power of knowing what is and is not right for you away, resulting in a lack of confidence in your ability to cope and overcome whatever challenge is being presented to you and then attracting more negativity into your life.

So how can you deal with this self-sabotage pattern and move out of stress, into peace and presence……Well, here are 6 simple tips to help you deal with stress when it presents itself so that you do not create delays or blockages in successfully receiving your needs, wants and desires:

  1. Write a list: Take a few minutes to write a list of all the things that are on your mind, the things you have to get done or feel stressed about

  2. Ask yourself: Do you absolutely have to do it? What would happen if you didn’t? Would everything fall apart? Could things go on without your time, energy or resources?

  3. Action plan: Create an action plan with small manageable and achievable steps to get you feeling more peaceful and happier

  4. Affirm: Tell yourself that you are no longer willing to allow stress to be a part of your life, that you are done with it, that it doesn’t serve you or do you any favors

  5. Reclaim your Life: Take back control of your time, energy and resources by asking do you really want to do it? What will you get out of it? What would make me happiest?

  6. Shift your Focus: Rather than focusing on how stressed you are, how much you have to get done or the problem, shift your focus to the solution and what would allow you to feel better and more relaxed....even if it means walking away from it and doing something completely different! This will allow your energy, frequency and vibration to shift into one that is more aligned with where you want to be and allow the Universe to bring you more of what you need

Next time you feel yourself slipping into the pattern of stress, simply come back and remind yourself to get into alignment with your goals, wants and desires, shifting your energy, frequency and vibration into what it is that you want so that the Universe can simply deliver all it is that you are asking for.

If you would like help and support with moving through stress and self-sabotage patterns, then check out my Sacred Soul Sessions where we can work with the Law of Attraction and get you focused on the energy, frequency and vibration of where you want to be in life!


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