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The Grudge - What's in your Business

As I sat with Spirit this morning enjoying my freshly cooked scrambled eggs with arepas, I was guided to look at facebook and to check out a particular post that had been made and the frustration that the person was feeling as a result of having several clients use her services and not followed through with payment of their invoices, while essentially enjoying the fruits of her labour. This was one of many similar posts I had observed in the last few weeks which was giving insight into what people were seeing happen within their businesses and them expressing their unhappiness with interactions with clients or colleagues ..... As Spirit reminded me this morning, this is essentially carrying what they would refer to as a big fat 'grudge' .... that is, a persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past hurt, insult or injury.

Now, imagine if you will from an energy, frequency, vibrational perspective, how much carrying around this type of ill will, resentment or hurt would impact your business, dragging and pulling it business down into the 'people always rip me off', 'clients never pay me' or 'I am never valued for what I do' etc etc limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs are yours, whether you are consciously aware of them or not, and you are the one carrying them around with you and allowing them to play out within your business. Spirit asking me to remind you about what is really happening when you are presented with these situations .... The Universe is asking YOU to take a look at what it is YOU are doing, thinking, feeling or dragging around with you where-ever you go .... in other words what is it that you are attracting into your business?

If you as the core of your business, have interactions with clients or colleagues which are not what you want them to be, if you are not being valued financially for the services you are providing or that you will provide, whatever the case maybe, or clients are not paying invoices for your services/products etc etc, then it is time for you to go back and take a look at what it is that you are not honouring within you, what it is that you are not valuing about you or where it is that you are not honouring and valuing others.

From having worked in a corporate environment for over 20 years and from my learnings in managing my own business, it is important that as individuals you must take responsibility for how you do business, how you interact with your clients, colleagues and others. If you are solid, firm and consistent with your vision, goals and processes, if you have established healthy and loving boundaries which make clear to all involved what the roles, responsibilities and guidelines are then surely there wouldn't be a need to carry around the energy (frequency/vibration) of what a client, colleague or someone else did or didn't do to impact your business.

So, what Spirit has taught me is is absolutely essential that you take the time to get very very clear about what you stand for, where your business is heading, what you will and will not allow in your business, you set healthy boundaries and most importantly you reinforce them on every single occasion (even if you feel uncomfortable doing it) .... If something or someone doesn't fit within your vision, goals, direction or boundaries for your business and what works for you, then say 'NO, thank you', take responsibility for making adjustments to your business plan, vision and goals when needed and then bloody move on!!! Stop carrying the 'grudge' around with you and holding yourself back from where you and the Universe wants you (or others) to be ... Let it go and let it be...It is so incredibly free-ing and light when you do!

If you would like help and support with how to do this in your business, then check out my Sacred Soul Sessions where we can focus on the energy, frequency and vibration of your business and where you want it to be!


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