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Bitter Poison: Resentment

As I sit here with Spirit this morning, I am guided to bring forward some insight and guidance around one the feelings that some of you may be carrying on holding in your vibration which prevents you from receiving all the love, joy and happiness that you are seeking in life, that of resentment.

Resentment is a negative, low vibration and dense frequency energy, linked to fear, which is experienced when you hold onto and have ongoing feelings of hurt, pain or upset towards another person or people as a result of situations or events that happened or didn’t happen where you find it hard to forgive because you feel you have been treated unfairly, judged or wronged. As Dr. Drew suggests, “resentments are like swallowing poison and expecting the other people to die” and leave you focusing on the past, angry in the present moment and fearful of the future. Resentment leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, which presents as feelings of anger, irritation, annoyance, rage or hurt and thoughts of blaming yourself for betraying who you are and having allowed yourself to be treated unfairly.

Now when it comes to feelings of resentment, most of you will tend to ignore them, fight through them, lock them away, bury them, pretend you don’t feel them or simply try to forget all about them hoping they will simply go away. You may also find that resentment fuels anger, causes negativity, leads you to shut down major parts of who you are, hide your authentic self, fearful of expressing yourself, put walls up to protect yourself, engage in self-destructive behaviour, make life more difficult for yourself and begin to lose your sense of joy for life resulting in feelings of bitterness and being less able to express your love towards others. Obviously, resentments like this which are left unhealed, unresolved, unspoken and unforgiven can have a significant impact on your ability to see the world from a healthy, positive and balanced perspective, stand in your power, live your truth as well as your ability to build healthy intimate relationships and connections with family, friends and colleagues.

Because resentment has such an impact on your relationships, it is essential that you make a commitment to clearing up and healing this energy, for you not for anyone else, so that you are able to get your vibration and frequency back into love! So, in order to begin healing any resentments you might be holding onto it is important to face it head on, that you be willing to look at yourself, rather than saying that someone else is to blame or the problem, the cause of your unhappiness and at fault, rather than avoiding it. The following tips will help you to be able to heal and resolve any resentments you may be holding onto:

  1. Allow yourself to feel: Be willing to feel and experience the hurt, pain or upset, cry if the energy draws you to because once you do you will to cleanse the negativity and no longer need to hold onto the resentment. You can do that by writing down ..... “Right now I feel”, “I give myself permission to feel”, "I resent that ...."

  2. Check expectations: It is important to check-in to see if expectations were involved in the experience, situation or event which took place that triggered feelings of resentment. You can do this by asking if expectations were placed on you or vice-versa around the way life is being lived, ways of behaving, values, personalities or needs, wants and desires by writing down ..... "I expect that" or “I was expected to"

  3. Be vulnerable: Have the strength and courage to speak up, fully express and communicate your pain, hurt or upset to the person or people you feel treated you unfairly, judged or wronged you by describing the behaviour and then how you feel using “I” statements (eg. When you criticize me, I feel unloved, unworthy and disrespected)

  4. Acknowledge the situation: Take a step back and notice if you or the other person or people involved were consciously aware of the thoughts, emotions or actions playing out and then acknowledge that you were both simply doing the best you can with your knowledge and understanding at the time

  5. Move into forgiveness: It is important to be able to let go of the hurt, pain and upset for your own well-being by taking responsibility for the part you may have played in the situation, embrace those involved for who they are and then being willing to move towards forgiving those involved for the damage caused and for not being aware of the impact the experience had on all involved.

  6. Be authentic: It is important to remain true and in alignment with who you are, making sure you say ‘no’ to things when you mean it rather than saying yes, letting go of others expectations, placing your needs, wants and desires as a priority and ensuring that you express yourself openly and honestly

If you continue holding onto resentments, allowing them to eat away at you from the inside, you will be depriving yourself of the amazing loving and joyful opportunities which are ready to appear in your life as soon as you make the commitment to letting go, forgiving and living your most truthful, peaceful and loving life.

If you feel you need some help and support to let go of resentment, hurt, pain or upset you have experienced in the past so you can lift your vibration and start receiving all the love, joy and happiness that you are seeking in life, then book in for a session or program today!


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