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Attract Love into your Life:  Phase 1

As I sit with Spirit today, I am reminded that it is perfect timing to talk about one of my favourite topics...LOVE! As we come towards the end of another year, so many people will be starting to shift their focus to what it is that they want to achieve, manifest or create in their lives for the year to come. Today Spirit wants to provide you with guidance and support with one of the most popular of topics, attracting love into your Life.

Let’s start first with why love is so important to all of you? As individuals, you all want and deserve to love and to be loved in return, because this allows your Spirit to thrive, be ignited and to live your Soul’s purpose. As Souls each and every one of you come into this world through love, with the purpose of growing into more love for self, others, God, Spirit, Universe and of course for life itself. As you move through life, each of you desire and even yearn to experience a loving relationship with a partner that is magical, undying, nourishing and richly fulfilling - for is that not your purpose, to give and receive unconditional love?

Yes we see that some of you slip into struggle, confusion and consistently undermine your own efforts to attract and bring in a loving relationship and to be truly happy, insisting on the ‘misery’ of your painful past, when love so potent, so beautiful, so abundant yearns for you to open up to allow yourself to bask in its magnificence. It is today that you are invited to take a stand for LOVE! To embrace and be LOVE! To LOVE yourself exactly as you are and for all that you have experienced! To make a commitment to having LOVE in your life!

New love begins with how you let go and say goodbye to the past, remembering and understanding that the role of all relationships is to help you learn, grow and expand personally and spiritually. Some of your past relationships may have invited you to bring to the surface any personal fears, limiting beliefs or patterns around communication, intimacy, respect, abandonment, trust, rejection, loss, shame and humiliation to name a few which may have been holding you back from thriving in life. So it is important to ask yourself if you are willing to let go of the past? If you are ready to rise out of the confusion, hurt or pain and detangle from your previous relationship web? What will it take for you to say goodbye to the past?

If you are ready to say goodbye to the past, then Spirit suggests that there are a number of processes that you can use to help and support you in letting go including:

  • Create Space: Ensure that your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual space reflects your present reality by taking down pictures, deleting emails and messages, removing phone numbers etc of past lovers, partners or spouses

  • Honesty Inventory: Take time to openly and honestly reflect on what it is that is hindering your efforts to bring in a positive healthy loving relationship into your world including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels

  • Examine Your Story: Allow yourself to become consciously aware of any limiting beliefs or old stories which may be playing out via your unconscious that are blocking your progress and start changing your story to something more positive and empowering

  • Look at Patterns: Reflect on any relationship patterns and understand the difference between those that are positive (benefit you, completely fulfil and serve you well) and those that are negative (hold you back, leave you unfulfilled and do not serve you)

  • Write a Letter: Write a letter to your spouse, partner or lover giving thanks for the gifts and learnings that they gave you to help you learn and grow as a soul and expand into my love for yourself and the next person that comes along

Once you have untangled from the past relationship web, you are now ready to create a plan, a vision of the potent, magic and juicy love that you deserve. For now Spirit asks you to allow yourself to move through the letting go and saying goodbye phase so that you are really ready to create the vision of the potent, beautiful, abundant love that you so overwhelmingly deserve!

If you feel you need help and support to move through the untangling from your past relationship so that you are able to attract love into your life, then book in for a session or program today!


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