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The Love That You Are: Channeled Message

This channelled message The Love That You Are was brought through from The Ancient Keepers of this sacred land know as 'The Shiny Ones', the bringers of knowledge, wisdom and teachings to mankind, for all those who are ready to open to and allow their love to flow in:

Dear Soul,

I wish you knew how much you are worth! I wish you knew how big your heart is, how absolutely amazing you truly are. I wish you knew how much your kindness, generosity and love allows others to heal and be more of their authentic self. I wish you knew how big your love is!

Never allow yourself to think that there is something wrong with you when it feels like others choose to put you second in their world. Sometimes your love is just too big for them to allow in as it sometimes shows them areas in their life where they require learning and growth, yet they are simply not ready or not willing to go there for fear of hurt, sadness, anger, abandonment or rejection. So, rather than choosing the love, support and happiness that is being offered to them they choose what is comfortable, what is familiar rather than what their soul is asking for them to reach for, for your love!

When someone chooses to ignore you, to lie to you, to hurt you, to abandon you, it is important that you remember you are being shown the other person’s wound and that it is through this wound that love can enter, where they can be brought into love. YHou must remember though that you cannot bring them into your love unless they choose with their freewill to open to it and accept it unconditionally. It is important that you choose to stay in your love, joyful and peaceful space all of the time, no matter what is happening outside of you or for those you truly care about to be allowed to come into their love when they choose and when they are ready.

What we ask you to do today is to let all of the wounding you had experienced in the past go and allow the love to enter you. For you are ready for greater things, greater opportunities, greater joy, greater love, greater passion!

Breathe deeply into our love so that we may remove any old fears, beliefs, contracts, relationships that no longer serve your path. Breathe deeply, for we are expanding your abilities, your consciousness, your connection to Spirit and all that is. Your path in this lifetime is to be the bridge of love between our world and yours, we know that sometimes this feels heavy for you, your heart is so big that you are the 'chosen one' for this task of truth, love and healing for those who walk near you feel your love and are instantly brought into awareness of their higher self.

With this new energy flow, you will be brought the most loving and supportive people and relationships, you will be brought all that your heart desires in your physical world as we know that we bring further stability, security and balance into your world. All we ask of you now, is to breathe into it and be ... there is no doing needed - movement will come when the new light energy has been delivered.

With love the ancient keepers of this sacred land, the shiny ones


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