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Let Go of the Fight: Overcoming Resistance

As I sit here with Spirit, I am asked to share some wisdom and tips for overcoming resistance so that you can step into the frequency of allowing your needs, wants and desires to be brought to you by the Universe with ease, grace and love.

Resistance is simply the inability to accept and deal with the reality of the moment, what is taking place in your present experience, in the now, often resulting in denial of the truth, feelings of frustration, feeling stuck, left out, loneliness, anger, hurt, sadness and can make difficult situations and harder for other people to be around you or to support you. It often presents itself when there is something you need, want or desire that you feel like is not coming about and you are unable to identify or understand what it is that is taking place, blocking you or keeping you stuck from having this thing turn up in your life. It may also present itself in the following ways:

  • lack of focus or discipline

  • procrastinating

  • criticism

  • blame

  • judgement

  • impatience

  • trying to hard

  • control

  • guilt

  • high expectations

  • being tough on self or others

  • changing the subject

  • leaving the room

  • being late

  • getting sick

  • looking away

  • flipping through magazines or the internet

  • eating, drinking or smoking

  • creating or ending relationships

  • creating breakdowns (cars, appliances, plumbing etc)

Resistance will often present itself when you have set an intention to achieve a certain goal or desire and you consciously or unconsciously believe that you are not ready, not capable or not worthy of having it turn up in your life. So, it is important that you move into acceptance of what it is that you are currently experiencing and allow yourself to feel any emotions that your body is bringing to the surface for you to release, without projecting these onto others or blaming them for the situations, experiences or events in your life. Here are three tips to help you move through any resistance that is presenting itself to you:

  1. Acknowledge what you are resisting: It is your reality, it is there, face it and become present to it

  2. Accept the now: It is important to shift into acceptance of your current experience or what is happening in the now, rather than judging it as right or wrong

  3. Feel the fear: The reality is that underneath resistance is fear, which is bringing back insecurities, patterns, limiting beliefs that block, slow down or limit your progress – whether it is fear of the unknown, change, failure, success, falling flat on your face, making a fool of yourself, being seen, exposing yourself, being alone etc, you must allow yourself to feel the fear

  4. Do it anyway: The fear is doing it’s job of trying to keep you safe and comfortable with so it is an opportunity for you to chat with the fear, thank it for trying to keep you safe and let it know that everything is going to be all right

  5. Make a commitment: It is important to then 100% commit to trusting yourself, your intuition and to taking the actions and steps necessary to have and experience what it is that you are asking for

It is important to remember that what you resist persists, so you must be willing to look at it, acknowledge it because it is presenting itself to let you know that there is something you need, want or desire that you are not currently allowing to come into your present experience. Don’t allow any resistance that is coming up to stop you from making the changes you need to make so that you can have all that you want, need and desire in life!

For some additional processes to help you identify and acknowledge what it is you are currently experiencing that you want to clean up, clear, shift, change or transform, check out my Shifting your Sh*t book or make an appointment for a Sacred Soul Session for individual help and support.


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