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Empathic Antenna & Fakeness

As I sit here with Spirit, I am drawn to talk to you about connecting in with your intuition and being able to know and understand if someone is 'being fake' or their true and ‘authentic self’ with you.

I am hearing Spirit suggest that it is important for you to tune into your ‘empathic antenna’ which is the gift that you have been given that allows you to sense, feel and know when all is not what it seems about someone or something that is taking place. When your intuition is fully tuned in you may pick up that a person seems nice on the surface, friendly, supportive and trustworthy, yet you are getting a subtle (or not so subtle) feelings of uneasiness, uncertainty and confusion. When this happens, it is your antenna detecting and sending back to you information to let you know that the person is being fake, dishonest or hiding something below the surface that they do not want you to know, whether it is information, thoughts, fears, emotions, expectations or motives and that all is not as it seems. So, how does this present itself in your real world? Well, your empathic antenna may indicate that something is off in the following ways:

  • An awful, depressed, drained or tired feeling after being with the person

  • Avoid being in around the person or in their presence for no reason

  • Struggle to communicate with them, with sentences not forming or you begin stumbling over your words

  • Become forgetful or have no memory of conversations, events or situations

  • Thought processes become slow, jumbled and unclear

  • Answers to questions make no sense or are confusing

  • Protect yourself by shutting down physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually before, during or after seeing them

  • A sense of dread or fear in your tummy which does not go away until you are not in their company

  • Sudden shifts or changes in your emotions, thoughts and behaviour patterns

  • Experiencing unexplained physical pains, illnesses or heaviness in your body

  • Feelings of guilty about what you are detecting as you may like the person but not how you feel

  • A sense of helplessness, indecisiveness or a lack of focus when you are around them

  • A sense that the large amounts of praise you may be receiving is insincere

Now, if you are experiencing any or all of the above and detecting some ‘fakeness’, trust that your empathic antenna is working to help you uncover what it is you need to sense, feel and know about this person so that you can make some choices and decisions that fit and feel right for you moving forward. When someone is displaying their ‘fake self’, it is important to remember that the reason they are doing this is because they want to be and feel loved by everyone and may simply be acting overly nice in order to get adoration, attention and affection because they are fearful of being rejected for their shadow (negative) traits, qualities or characteristics. The four (4) most common things that people hide, cover up or bury so that they are able to display their best selves to the outside world are:

  1. Hate

  2. Anger

  3. Jealousy

  4. Fear of rejection

The fact that these things are being hidden is not necessarily a bad or negative thing, it is simply your radar letting you know that there is an opportunity to have a conversation about how you are feeling, to get clear on any needs, wants and desires that are not being expressed, uncover any hidden expectations about the relationship, understand any insecurities or emotional pain being experienced and to find out what other events may be taking place in the person’s world that they are struggling to deal with. This then gives you both an amazing opportunity to gain clarity about the relationship, a space for love, acceptance and compassion and to then be able to make decisions and choices about whether you wish to continue connecting and how or whether it is time to step away from the relationship altogether.

Spirit also wants you to know that when someone hides their authentic self from others, consciously or unconsciously, without knowing the reason it can cause pain and is the single biggest cause of unhappiness because their soul is letting them know that they are disconnected from who they truly are. When this happens, it is time to reconnect with self, to uncover any hidden traits and emotions being hidden or buried from others so that they can begin to feel more balanced, happier, healthier and more complete within themselves, which provides them with the freedom to accept and love all of who they are.


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