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Full Moon Letting Go Ceremony

The full moon completes a cycle, representing ending, change, or tying up loose ends and symbolises the end of a chapter, shedding light on those things that are interfering with our spiritual advancement and that we no longer need to hold onto in our lives. From a spiritual perspective, the light from the full moon can help you to illuminate those things that are stopping positive energy from flowing, blocking new doors from opening and interfering with your learning, growth and expansion. Once you have become enlightened to ways that are blocking you, you are then given an opportunity to let them go so that you can allow positive experiences and situations to emerge and for new ideas, opportunities or people to come in your life.

Full Moon Letting Go Ceremony

At the Full Moon you can undertake a pretty simple ceremony, with perhaps a touch of pagan tradition thrown in, to help you release or purge the things in your life that no longer serve you such as addictions to food, drugs, or sex, relinquish suffering involved in hurtful relationships, release physical and emotional pain etc. If you want to do a ceremony at the next full moon, try this really simple one below, which is very freeing and healing.

Materials Needed:

  • Sage smudge stick/incense

  • Bowl or Pot

  • Slip of paper

  • Candle (colour can vary)

  • Small tumbled crystal

Before you start your full moon ceremony, it is important to create a beautiful safe and sacred space to work within. You can do this by:

  1. Cleansing an area where you will not be interrupted with an opening prayer, a sage smudging and/or by burning some incense

  2. Grounding your energy by imagining yourself as a giant tree and feeling the Earth coming up through your feet, spreading up through your body and extending out through your limbs, to your finger tips. taking in the Earth energy through your "roots" (feet) and extending out to the fartherest "branches" (fingertips) and beyond, swirling through your energy body, through space and time into other dimensions

  3. Sheilding your energy using your intent and by imagining yourself surrounded by a bubble of white (or any other colour which feels comfortable for you) that only positive energy and Divine energy are allowed to enter

  4. Connecting with Spirit by inviting your guides, angels, masters or teachers to be at your side throughout the ceremony

Now that you have created your space, take a few moments to write down on your piece of paper those things you want to release or that you are vowing to change in your life. Then take you piece of paper and follow the steps below:

  1. Light one or more of the candle

  2. Look at the skies and take a few deep breaths in

  3. One by one, read out loud the words you have written on your piece of paper. Remember your words have power

  4. Once you have read these words out say "be gone" audibly and loudly

  5. Set your intention to release the item/addiction/attitude or relationship from your life

  6. Then throw your pieces of paper into the bowl which represents discarding and letting go of the old - make sure this then goes in the bin

  7. Thank spirit for being with you during this sacred ceremony

Enjoy your beautiful experience of letting go with the Full Moon!


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