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Love Alters

Feeling and knowing that you are truly loved, unconditionally, is one of the most amazing and magical sensations to be experienced in this lifetime. No matter who you are, where you live in the world, your cultural or socioeconomic background, family circumstances, financial or marital status, what you choose to do for work or in your career, the truth is that we all want to feel, know and be loved.

No wonder the most common questions I am asked as a psychic medium, twin flame connector, are ‘Who is my Soul Mate?’, ‘When will I find or meet my Soul Mate?’, Is he/she my twin flame?'. Now the answer to these questions is always different, as each of us has a different journey to travel in terms of love and relationships. What I can share with you is that when you do find your one true love, your soul mate and/or twin flame, there is almost always a very strong and intense pull towards that person, a feeling of magic or synchronicity in the air, as you are destined to come together for a purpose. The purpose of all soul mate relationships is to help each other learn and grow into more love for self, each other and Spirit, God, Buddha, Mohammed, the Divine or whoever it is you believe in.

We each find love and meet our soul mate and/or twin flame, at exactly the right time, often when we least expect it, when we have given up all hope or when we are not looking. When you first meet your soul mate and/or twin flame, they may take your breathe away, experience feelings of love at first sight, get goosebumps and have a rush of energy through every cell in your body letting you know that they are in fact your one true love. In the lead up to meeting your soul mate and/or twin flame some of you may also have very profound and real dreams, often weeks, months or even years before, where you and your soul mate begin connecting and get to know each other. In each and every case, trust that your heart knows how much it loves, trust that your heart will draw you towards your soul mate, trust that they will light up and change your world in so many different, surprising and sometimes challenging ways. Trust that your heart will know them as you best friend, your lover, your partner, your husband/wife, the father/mother of your children, your other half, your soul mate!

For those of you seeking or wanting to find your soul mate and/or twin flame, please know that true love does exist, keep the faith and trust that the love you seek is also seeking you. Love will always show up in your world when you are clear and focused, when you are following your passion, on your path and doing what it is you are meant to do, when you feel settled and confident within yourself and most importantly when you truly love and feel connected to who you are in this world. No matter the fears, doubts, obstacles or challenges you may face in finding your soul mate, please know that you are loved and that you are always connected and hold a very strong bond to them - even in your darkest, most confusing hour, remember that love is your birthright, it is there for you at all times, your job is to open up, knock down any of the walls or barriers you may have built up which are preventing you from seeing, feeling and knowing that true love still exists!

As a Medium and Twin Flame connector, I feel incredibly honoured to be able to 'connect' and 'blend' with the essence of loved one's who have passed to the Spirit world and allow them to bring forward evidence, information and insights to support you in connecting to your soul mate and/or twin flame, moving through any current relationship challenges, to provide you with tools and techniques to deepen your current relationships so that they are based on solid foundations of trust, value and respect for self, others and the Divine as well as embrace information and guidance to support you in making decisions and choices that allow your heart to thrive and experience more joy, love, happiness, success and abundance in all areas of life.

Your Love Story is beautiful, amazing and perfect for you! As a soul you are destined to share your journey with your soul mate and/or twin flame, to give and receive love, to celebrate the good times with your partner and to gather your strength and courage to walk through any challenges and hurdles you may come across along the way, seeing them simply as opportunities for you both to learn, grow and expand into more love. Remember, that love truly does still exist and is within each and everyone of us! Enjoy and embrace your personal love story, allowing it to capture, warm and open your hearts to believe and remember that true love is real, fun and does still exist!

Love alters each and everyone of us, for better or for worse, it is a journey of discovery, so please open up, embrace and allow love to easily and naturally show up, flow to you and find you! Allow yourself to remember the love that you are, so that love can find its way back to you, back to love!


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