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Mediumship: Willingness & Grief

At some point in your life, each of you will experience someone very dear to you passing from this physical world to Spirit. When you encounter a great loss such as the death of a loved one, intense emotions of sadness, anger, numbness and grief are very common.

Even though you may have a knowing that death is not the final destination and that the soul continues after you leave this world, you may still miss and long to connect with your family member, friend or colleague who has passed, even if it is for just one more moment. I believe that the most significant role that a medium has is to support people through their journey of grief and loss in a way that allows them the opportunity to connect with their loved one so that they are able to feel their presence, share heartfelt conversation, laugh, cry, forgive, gain insight and guidance or to simply come together and feel their love.

A mediumship reading can be one of the most profound experiences of healing you can give yourself as it is essentially a gift that demonstrates your willingness to experience and move through your grief. While there are many ‘theories’ proposed about how grief works and the stages that most people will go through when experiencing it, in my experience no two people experience the intense emotions of grief in the same way. Spirit has taught me that the best way people can help themselves through grief and ensure healthy psychological functioning in their life is to simply have a willingness to experience whatever emotion is present in the moment, including the so-called bad feelings, not judging simply accepting whatever it is that comes up, and allowing it to take as long as it needs to take. By doing this you will be to respond actively to your feelings of loss, sadness and grief by literally feeling them, rather than swallowing or resisting them. In essence, instead of trying to feel better you are giving yourself enough room to breathe and learning, through willingness, how to feel better and open yourself up to joy, vitality and peace again.

When you encounter the death of a loved one remember to adopt a gentle, loving and kind approach towards yourself, your thoughts, memories, history and relationship with your loved one and find a medium who will lovingly hold the space for you to connect with them and support you through your journey of grief.

Remember, your loved ones are with you, sharing their love and encouraging you to live your life filled with love, joy and happiness.

Note: This article was also published in Issue 3 (Dec/Jan 2015/2016) edition of Lightworker Advocate Magazine - page 11


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