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Raising your Spiritual Vibration

As a vibrational being, the words, patterns of thoughts, attitudes, emotions and actions you engage in, has an impact on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body and helps to create your reality. Every interaction, reaction, and moment throughout your day can and does have an impact on your overall energy level and state of being, which in turn impacts your ability to receive intuitive and psychic insights.

When you are in a high vibrational energy space, you will acknowledge your divinity and the divinity within others, be in alignment and integrity with your soul, feel nourished, vibrant, happy, joyful, healthy and your life will flow with ease and grace. Alternatively, when you are in a low vibrational space, you are likely to feel blocked, restricted, stuck or drained mentally, spiritual and physically, be in a state of stagnation, experiencing negative emotions, engaging in fear-based thoughts, be lethargic, have health challenges and even depression.

Your every choice you make and action you take influences whether you are moving in the direction of raising or lowering your vibration, so it is important to become consciously aware of where your energy is at so that you can change what you experience in your everyday life and manifest the experiences, relationships and events that you desire,

You can consciously raise your spiritual vibration to a ‘higher’ state so that you can change what you are experiencing, make connecting and communicating easier in the following ways:

  • Purifying your body (fresh fruits & vegetables, whole grains, nuts etc, drink plenty of water

  • Exercise (running, yoga, rock climbing, tennis, basketball etc)

  • Spend time in nature or the ocean and get some sunshine

  • Focus on positive thoughts & emotions (‘low’ feelings include anger, sorrow, guilt, hatred, despair, fear, jealousy & frustration whereas ‘up’ feelings include respect, appreciation, joy, hope, strength, peace, love, etc)

  • Surround yourself with uplifting, positive people, or with a beautiful, peaceful or happy environment

  • Meditate (quiet your mind, focus on your breath & listen)

  • Practice gratitude & compassion (remember you are blessed & help others less fortunate)

  • Take small action steps to move you in the direction of your goals and intentions

  • Journal to explore your own personal growth

  • Music and dancing to get your blood pumping and feeling happy

  • Watch an uplifting movie or film

  • Practice acts of kindness and generosity where you give to someone else (without expecting anything in return)

  • Do something out of the normal (learn a new skill, take an adventure)

  • Practice Yoga, Reiki, Qigong or martial arts to raise your Qi

  • Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions

  • Set and reinforce healthy boundaries and standards which create blessings in your life

  • Practice Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness - forgive yourself or someone else

  • Hug someone or engage in at least 10 minutes of positive physical contact with another human being

  • Connect and work with your Spirit Guides, Angels and the Divine

It is essential for your overall personal and spiritual well-being that you begin a daily practice that supports you in lifting your vibration into a consistent 'positive' space in ways that work best for you! Work with some of the above strategies and observe and become aware of how it impacts you and whether it helps you to shift and change your vibration as well as what you are experiencing in your physical world.


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