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Unity through Intimacy

As I sit here asking Spirit to guide me and show me what it is that they wish to share with each of you around the energy or vibration of "Unity". I hear that there is much they could share, many different perspectives, many areas of life it can be applied and embraced within, yet where it is that you all most wish to feel unity is in your intimate connections with others.

What is “unity” you ask? Well, unity is essentially about being able to see into the Soul, to be fully seen, heard and felt, with no conditions or barriers, just unconditional acceptance and true honest authentic expression of the mind, body and spirit. When we talk about unity in this way it is absolutely key to any good relationship, whether it is connection with a friend, family member, colleague, client and of course a loving partner.

When you are in ‘unity’ with yourself and your partner there is a loving intimate connection between you, there is peace, harmony, passion, connectedness, openness, honesty, joy, happiness, trust, faith and authentic communication. There may, however, be times throughout your relationships where you feel disconnected or separate from your partner, which may trigger old fears, insecurities, limiting beliefs and stories about what you feel is ‘wrong’ or ‘not working’ resulting in you not being united with each other.

The ability to embrace passionate, connected and honest sex, kissing, sensual touch and share your desires with your partner is intimate, there is no question about that. However, you can bring more of the vibration and energy of unity into your partnership through non-sexual intimacy as well in the following ways:

  • Express Honesty: In all of your communication with your partner, be truly honest with your words, thoughts, the language you use as well as your body language and your energy (words, emotions & actions). When you are both able to do this, without judgement, you are expressing the level of respect, love and intimacy you have for each other and how united you are in nurturing this connection

  • See the Soul: Take the time to sit and be in silence with your partner while looking into their eyes, which are after all the window to the Soul. Listen to what their Soul wants to share with you without the use of spoken words as this is where you will hear what it is that is uniting you both in unconditional love. Come back to seeing each other as Divine Loving Souls who are perfection and imperfection all at the same time.

  • Physical Touch: In a world filled with connections often relying on technology, there is an even greater need for you and your partner to engage in physical touch as it is an extremely powerful and loving way to come back into unity with each other. Use your hands to tune into each other’s bodies, allow yourself to sense your partner and learn how they like to be touched physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Whether through massage, a gentle touch to the shoulders or neck, a hug, kiss there are many ways to engage in touch as an extremely intimate act to bring you back into unity with each other’s energy at a Soul level.

Let go of all expectations about what you think your partner desires, needs or feels and allow your Souls to come back to each other, to expand your connection through intimacy, to into the truth of who you both are – because at a Soul level you are always truly united, there is no separation….You just need to take the time to re-connect with each other’s Souls.


I am so incredibly grateful for your support and hope that you have gained some much needed insight and enjoyed reading this article. Remember that you are love, you are beautiful & you are worthy!

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