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Divine Feminine & Masculine: Chemistry & Attraction

As I tune into ask Spirit what it is that is important to share with you I am guided to share wisdom around the topic of the Divine Feminine. I am reminded of the Goddess, Queen, Priestess, Lover, Sage who is flowing in her divinity, soft and gentle yet strong, beautiful, radiant, sensual, playfulness, passionate, encouraging, uplifts herself and others, trusts and embraces her intuition, heals through the power of love and is balanced and in harmony with all that is within and outside of her as she emanates the essence of unconditional love.

Now, as I see the Divine Feminine in all of her essence, I am also reminded of her Divine partner, the Divine Masculine, the God, King, Priest, Warrior, Lover, Provider and Leader who when in his essence is strong, powerful, courageous, protective, welcoming, confident, focused, supportive, inspiring, seeks the truth, creates and is balanced in the knowing that he is unconditional love.

When the Feminine and Masculine come together physically, to share, exchange, give and receive pleasure and love to each other, you are gifted with an opportunity to connect and come into union with another soul and to experience their essence in an intimate way. When you fully embrace and flow in your essence, this creates that spark within you and between you, that chemistry, attraction, like fireflies to the light, bees to honey or magnets drawn to each other. Whether it is something in the way your partner looks, moves, laughs, speaks, smiles or just is, this is part of the chemistry and attraction that draws you together and compels you to want to be with each other – all healthy relationships have it. Having a mental and emotional connection is not enough – you must have spark, chemistry, attraction that draws you to each other like a magnet.

Do you have this spark and chemistry with your partner? If not, then it is important to remember to open to it and allow it into your world. As the Divine Feminine, it is essential that you allow yourself to feel your inner pulse, to allow the inner goddess and priestess to come out and play, when you feel pleasure to acknowledge it, give yourself permission to feel sexy, sensual and connected to your feminine essence. As an amazingly beautiful and sensual woman it is important that when the inner pulse of excitement arises within you, you allow this delight and pleasure because this is your inner goddess inviting you to keep moving forward towards your partner and experiences that allow you to express and know your sensual priestess and to keep her strong, confident and juicy.

As you open yourself more to the chemistry and attraction in your relationship and embrace your attraction, chemistry and desires, you allow yourself to share, unite and express through the profound experience of love through the physical body. This incredible love you have for each other also allows you to honour, respect, heal, connect and open your hearts fully bringing more joy, love and pleasure into your world. Below are six tips to help you move forward, allow yourself to open more fully, embrace your essence and express love to your partner:

  1. Invite and allow intimate sensual touch into your relationship where you touch all parts of each other as this helps you to feel different qualities of love in your body and release old unloved parts in the process

  2. Relax and open to the suppleness of your heart and intuitive knowing about what you and your partner desire as this helps you to connect and trust each other more fully

  3. Allow more nakedness whether through sharing and honouring of emotions, listening to each other’s fears and desires, increased intimacy and passion that comes from truly loving someone as this helps to open your soul to being fully seen, heard and accepted

  4. Be spontaneous and more available to physically connection with your partner through love in the present moment as this allows your souls to touch, unite and come together in profound ways and experience divine love

  5. Make your surroundings more sensual and allow pleasure in so you can experience more connected, intense and passionate touch that includes the body, mind, emotions and spirit

  6. Connect and physically make love to each other with clear and specific purpose of going within and invite and welcome another into your sacred space serving the purpose of healing through unconditional love

Connecting physically with your partner, is a spontaneous journey between two souls that is a natural in healthy relationships, bringing the feminine and masculine together, allowing all mutual energies in every chakra to be combined, for your chemistry, attraction and love you have for each other to be felt and to merge them together with divine love. When you connect with your partner physically, you are creating through the divine love and magnetism between you, it is how you get to know each other on a deeper level where the reality of your soul’s mutual attraction is felt and where both souls are able to fully delight in the experience


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