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Dream Clients for your Business?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

As I sit here with Spirit this morning, I feel drawn to share with those of you who are managing and working within your own businesses, whether from home, online or a commercial space insights and guidance to help you identify your ideal or dream client so you are able to attract more of those into your business moving forward.​​

​So how do you work our who your ideal client is? Well, let's start with identifying the less than ideal clients you may have attracted to your business in the past or maybe you are still attracting them now, because I can tell you, having worked within my own business now for over 10 years now I have certainly had my share of less than ideal clients. Ask yourself, what do these clients look like, sound like or feel like? You may identify them as your deal-breaker clients through the following characteristics or behaviours:

  • high maintenance and demanding

  • focused on how they can get results for FREE

  • price shoppers who try to haggle, negotiate or want discounts

  • payment plans or special conditions

  • want low cost and high value

  • unwilling to commit to changing situations or experiences in their lives

  • not able to take responsibility for their own words, thoughts, feelings and actions

  • complain and are unappreciative

  • lack integrity

  • not consciously aware or present

  • unable or unwilling to be open and honest with themselves and those around them

  • tell lies or untruths

  • not aligned with the business goals and intentions

  • scarcity, victim or lack mindset

  • toxic, negative or fear based energy (thoughts, emotions or actions)

  • abusive of time, energy or resources (including skills, knowledge and wisdom) provided

  • continually overstep professional boundaries

  • want to see the relationship as a friendship rather than a professional relationship

If you currently have these deal-breaker clients within your business, then it is absolutely essential if you want to take what you do to the next level, grow, expand and thrive that you be willing to clean them out, let them go, fire them and make space for the type of clients that you want to work with. Your dream clients will not be attracted to your business if the energy within it is heavy, negative, scarcity or lack focused. So it is up to you to take responsibility for what type of energy you allow in your space (your business).

What might your ideal client look like, sound like and feel like for you? Take a few moments to reflect upon the clients you absolutely love, enjoy and are passionate about working with. Start building a profile of your dream client, which may include some of the following characteristics or behaviours:

  • actively see the value your business provides

  • focused on how they can get results for their investment

  • willing to invest in their personal, professional and/or spiritual growth

  • want value

  • committed to changing situations or experiences in their lives

  • willing to take responsibility for own words, thoughts, feelings and actions

  • appreciative and grateful

  • have integrity

  • consciously aware and present

  • willing and able to be open and honest with themselves and those around them

  • are honest and truthful

  • aligned with the business goals and intentions

  • abundance and worthiness mindset

  • grateful, positive and love based energy (thoughts, emotions or actions)

  • respect your time, energy and resources as well as theirs

  • consistently respect and honour professional boundaries and relationship

  • want the best in the field at what they do​

These are the clients you want in your business and to let the Universe know you want to attract and work with. So, if you have more of the deal-breaker clients .... it's time to get focused, serious and aligned with where you want to go, not where you are currently. Clean out the old and make way for the new! The extra time, energy and effort you put into doing this will be extremely lucrative and the results will speak for themselves!


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