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The Golden Thread

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

As I sit here with Spirit to bring through wisdom and insights for you around the word connection, I am drawn to share with you guidance about what is known as “The Golden Thread”, it’s significance to fate, manifesting, twin flames and the spiritual beliefs and traditions of the indigenous Kogi people who live deep in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains.

Let’s start with the Kogi (KOH-gee), which means Jaguar in their traditional language, are an ethnic community that has lived in the Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta, Colombia (known as the Heart of the World) since the Pre-Columbian era – before Christopher Columbus’s voyages in 1492 and the appearance of European influences in the Americas. To this day, the indigenous Kogi people still practice and remain true to the ancient traditions, laws, spiritual beliefs of their ancestors of the past as the ‘Guardians of the Earth’. In following these traditions, the Kogi have an empathic relationship and connection to Pachamama (Mother Earth) - – which they fear we (humans) are destroying - believe that it is their role and responsibility to care for and protect her as she is the spiritual core of all existence and the force of all creation, Aluna, thought, soul and imagination. The Mamos (Kogi priests or Shaman) in particular, believe that it is their responsibility to maintain the equilibrium (balance) of life for their sacred mountain, which is a living entity in the shape of a pyramid, energetically is the crown chakra of the Andes and the entire world. The indigenous people believe that what is important, what is of ultimate value, is not what is measured and seen in the physical world but what exists in the many realms of meaning and connection that lie beneath the tangible realities of this world, linking and connecting all things as one. For this purpose, they carry out deep meditation, conduct rituals, give offerings and prayers as well as sing songs to Aluna (The Mirror World) which are then carried along a network of inter-connected sacred sites throughout the world and linked by a golden thread. So essentially, the Kogi believe in what we today would refer to as the Law of Attraction or manifesting, as what happens in Aluna happens to Pachamama and in the physical world sooner or later, therefore it is important to go to the spiritual realms any perform healing, transformation, shifts and create as when these things happen above the are mirrored back and manifest here on the Earth. I love that this belief in a magical dimension that you can connect into and visualise and begin creating and manifesting has existed and has been actively practiced by our ancestors for centuries.

When talking about creation and manifesting, there is certainly a link to these ancient traditions through what is also referred to as The Golden Thread which brings with it the vibration of truth, inspiration, intuition and grace. It is through this magical thread that fate is said to eventually weave throughout your life to create the opportunities, experiences and connections to people and places that you need to fulfill your soul’s purpose and walk your highest most loving path in this lifetime. As you walk your spiritual path (you all have one whether you are conscious of it or not), the golden colour brings with it a reminder to remain flexible, to see the perfection in all things, to allow the Sun to illuminate and energise the Soul with it’s radiance and that allows you to embrace your inner truth and wisdom with clarity throughout eternity. You can essentially see the golden threads like a spider’s web with yourself at the centre as the creator of your own reality, weaving threads of inspiration and connecting you to all people, situations and experiences through your thoughts, emotions and actions. So, the question really is about whether you are consciously aware of what you are weaving and whether your threads are being cast from a space of truth, love and inspiration that allows you to walk your path and to stay focused on your purpose so you are connected with the most loving, truthful and joyful relationships, experiences and opportunities along the way through your Golden Thread.

Finally, when it comes to what is referred to as Twin Flames, that is your ultimate soul mate and mirror who’s reflects back to you all that you like about yourself as well as all that is within that needs healing, shifting, transforming and/or changing so that you learn, grow and expand into more of your authentic loving self. The Twin Flame connection is very powerful, with each person experiencing a strong magnetic pull towards the other that can be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually intense. Twin Flames are always connected spiritually, even if they are not together in the physical, through The Golden Thread of Light which is anchored into their hearts to support them in being drawn together, re-uniting in the physical and coming helping each other in their spiritual growth and development so they can both help others on a larger scale, Universally, in whatever way feels right for them. This golden thread allows each Twin to be able to connect with each other through meditation or to call and communicate telepathically. Each partner in the Twin Flame pair can feel the others heart and hear what it is that they are thinking, no matter if they are in each other’s lives every day or on the opposite side of the world by connecting in with this thread. It is through this magical connection that love is ignited that is so huge, that as it is sparked and released from each person it heals all it touches, helping the Earth become a better more joyful place and conquering the darkness of negativity and fear-based consciousness so that it transforms back into love. As Twin Flames connect further and begin re-uniting coming into union, they become more and more conscious of their magical bond through the Golden Thread which supports them to stay open to all possibilities of creation so that they can together teach others to create something beautiful and that uplifts the consciousness of the planet and all around them.

So, as you can see, there is a significant connection between what we often refer to as fate, the power of creation, manifesting, love, consciousness, Pachamama and the laws, beliefs and practices of our ancestors who have come before us. I ask you to take the time to connect in with your Golden Thread and become more conscious of what it is that you are creating and mirroring back into the physical world so that you too can be a part of uplifting the consciousness of our planet as we are after all, all connected!


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