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Openness: Soul, Spirit & Twin Flame

I sit here with Spirit this morning and ask for their guidance, insight and support in writing an article for you about Openness. An article that is a bit different to the others I have written, an article that comes from the depths of my heart, that breaks open what it is that I am now able to be and embrace as the Divine Feminine and allows me to share a little more of me with you.

For those of you who don’t know, here is just a little about my story (so far). About 12 months ago, I jumped on a plane from Brisbane (Australia) to the other side of the world, Colombia (South America) to essentially open my heart to a new beginning, a new way of being and a new life experience. Now why on earth would I do such a thing you ask when I had only taken a few Spanish classes, couldn’t really have a full conversation with anyone and had only visited South America and Colombia for a few weeks the year earlier for a holiday….

Well, please allow me to share some more with you…. From a very young age I had always had visions of the Caribbean, the Mayan and Indigenous culture in this region, wrote stories about it, did projects on it at school and was given insights from Spirit into some past life experiences that I had with my previous partner (who was Colombian, living in Australia) and also during meditations connected with my Twin Flame, my Divine partner and Soul Mate. I would have conversations with my Twin, who I knew was on the other side of the world, he would call me in my dreams, talk to me during the day, tell me in meditations about what needed to be healed, changed and shifted so that we could one day meet and open our hearts to each other again in the physical world. He would hold space for me energetically and reminder me when doubts, frustration and impatience would come up to have faith and to come back to the connection whether through thoughts, words, songs, music or being able to feel his energy stepping into mine and calling me closer to him.

Now, to be honest with you, a few years ago my soul was not in a fantastic place, I knew there was more to life, I knew there was more for me as my Soul was longing for a new experience, to be in a different place, to experience a new culture, to learn and grow in different ways where I did not have to slog it out day in and day out in an attempt to make ends meet and just to bring in finances to put a roof over my head and food in the fridge. As a full-time business owner and a single woman (at the time), some weeks just bringing in enough money to cover the mortgage and basics was extremely challenging. It left me with no financial resources to enjoy the things I loved in life, to have fun and be playful, to be able to go to the movies or out for dinner with friends or family was a challenge. At one point, I could not ever afford to put petrol in my car to drive 45 minutes away and join my family and friends for New Years eve! What kind of life was that? Certainly not the life that I had pictured, dreamt of or was being given visions of and was certainly not the life that Spirit had planned for me!

So….I had to have the courage to get honest with myself, to sit and have an open conversation with my Soul, with my Higher Self and with Spirit about what it was that I was not doing that my Soul yearned to do, what it was that my Soul needed to experience in order to feel love, joy and peace and what step or steps I needed to take to make that happen. One of the things that my soul needed was to be able to create a more peaceful, balanced and joyful life where I could continue to do my work for Spirit, connecting people with their loved one’s who have passed, step into my work as a Psychic Detective (after all my academic background is in criminology and psychology), embrace my creativity and give birth to the new as well as to fully embrace not only my work as a Twin Flame Connector but the Divine Masculine so that we could come into physical connection and union.

At the end of this conversation with my Soul, Higher Self and Spirit, what I discovered was that it was time to take action, to make a courageous decision, to be brave enough to take the steps and to allow myself to be vulnerable and of course trust that the Universe and Spirit had my back! So, my heart called me to my heart, my Soul called me to my Soul, my Spirit called me to my Spirit and I ended up jumping on a place to Santa Marta, Colombia, an incredibly sacred and spiritual place, surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountains on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other. It is not only the oldest surviving city in the country and the second oldest in South America, it is also known as ‘The Heart of the World’ – the heart chakra in terms of it’s energetic vibration and the place where I now know, as Divine Timing would have it, my Twin Flame would be.

When I was in Australia before making the move, I would often asked Spirit to help me understand what all of the information from my Soul and my Twin Flame meant, to give me some physical signs that would help me to know my Twin when I meet him and to be able to trust and have faith that it was safe to open up and allow him into my world – something I was a little hesitant about given the experiences I had with my previous partner - which I now am so incredibly grateful for as he helped me heal, know that I am worthy of more, to embrace all of who I am and to know that I am enough exactly as I am and most importantly he put me on the path to being where I am today, in Colombia, where my Soul’s path is, where my Spirit called me, where my Twin Flame called me to be.

As I sat at home in Australia over 12 months ago, I was reminded of my beautiful Grandmother in Spirit who I loved (and still do) so very dearly, that the step to follow one’s intuition, knowing and ‘gut’ takes enormous strength, openness and love. This amazing woman knew all about this, as at around the age of 18 she had the courage to make a similar decision, after seeing a picture of an Orange Tree in the window of a travel agent in London, she made the decision to buy a one-way ticket on a ship to Australia… why? Because she just knew that tree was significant, that her ‘gut’ was telling her it was where she needed to be in the world, that her Soul was calling her there and that there was a higher purpose for her being there. She had the courage to take that step and leave everything she knew behind to follow her heart and her Soul’s knowing! The result of which was her connecting with,meeting and coming into union with my Grandfather (I believe not long after arriving), her Twin Flame, her Soul’s ultimate mate, who I can only describe as the most loving, supportive and giving man I have ever met…The both of them created and manifested a loving home,children and a family life that brought them both so much joy, happiness and love until the very end ….. a long and beautiful journey of connecting and union that only ended in the physical when they passed in their early 90’s –they are still united and connected inspirit and continue to share their love,support and encouragement with me on this journey, especially reminding me to keep going on the days that are a little more challenging with language and culture.

Now, for a very long time Spirit and my Twin Flame have been giving me signs, messages and ‘gut’ feelings about where to go, what to do and to open up and allow the Divine Masculine back into my world. About 1 month after arriving here in Santa Marta, the Heart of the World, Idid just that, I proclaimed to Spirit and my Twin that I was ready! Well, the very next day I was guided to move from the apartment that I was renting and to move to a hostel that I stayed in the previous time I visited. My logical mind told me this was a good idea as well because it was closer to the centre of town and would allow me to be able to connect with people more, make some new friends and to be able to learn more Spanish. I still to this day remember the moment I walked in the door to that hostel, the iron gate with it's levers that clanged and made noise as they were opened.

I was greeted by this Colombian man, a little younger than me in age, yet filled with wisdom, knowledge and awareness beyond his years. This man stood so firmly in his Divine masculine, was authentic, kind, compassionate, generous of Spirit, supportive and not to mention sexy! My Soul instantly recognised this amazing man as being someone who would be important in my journey and experience here in Colombia, both personally and spiritually, at the time I had no idea how and in what ways, I just knew that I had to find a way to allow my heart to open once more to the Divine Masculine …. and that this was the man that would help and support me to do that! As I sit here today, this man and I have shared so many experiences, learnings and have grown together in incredible ways, he has become such a key part of my life, a true friend, someone I can laugh with, be cheeky and playful with, confide in, learn with (me Spanish and him English), be vulnerable with, dance with, sing along to amazing music with, cook with, go out for food and beer with, go swimming in the ocean with, visit amazing places with and most of all just be confident in being completely and authentically me …. even if that means being the weird bruja (witch) who talks to the deceased, the Divine Feminine who works with her intuition, who just knows ‘stuff’ and who can be very sensitive and emotional, who sometimes feels stressed, confused, frustrated, overwhelmed and vulnerable in a new country, with a new language and with a new way of BE-ing in the world!

What this amazing man has already taught me and reminded me of, is that it is safe to be me, I am perfectly imperfect just as I am, I am loved, supported and cared for (even on the shitty days) and most of all the importance of being open to love again! From the bottom of my heart, my Soul, my Spirit I thank and honour you for being you!!!

yo te quiero mucho baby!

NOTE: This article also appeared in the July, 2017 edition of The Temple Magazine.


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