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Divine Masculine: Romance, Intimacy & Sensuality

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Men, the Divine Masculine, the Gods and Kings, bring colour and joy to the Divine Feminine, the Goddesses and Queens of the world. As I connect with Spirit and ask them to guide me in sharing wisdom with you to support you in your daily life, I am reminded to talk about how the Divine Feminine, we as women, the Queens can create a safe and sacred space to allow our men to provide love, affection, romance, intimacy and sensual pleasure.

I would like to invite you to first reflect on these questions – What is it that romance, intimacy and sensuality looks like, feels like and sounds like for you from the Divine Masculine, our Kings? Do your expectations or perceptions of romance, intimacy and sensuality from your beautiful King match up with what he is able to provide? Do you provide him with the flexibility to be able to spontaneously show you his affection and love?

Given that romance is essentially the feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love, it is important that you allow your Divine Masculine, your God, your King, to step into the safe and sacred space where he can be free to express his affection, admiration and love for you without feeling pressured to do so in a particular way. For all you amazing women out there, the Queens, the Divine Feminine, I invite you to allow your King, the Divine Masculine to be more romantic, intimate and sensual with you, by creating the right energy around you and providing him with the opportunity to step into this realm with you.

How do you do that? Well, my Divine Goddesses, here are a few secrets to help guide you and your man into this sacred realm where you can have your desires for love, romance and intimacy fulfilled:

  1. Show Appreciation and Value: Listen to your man’s thoughts, ideas, feelings, what he wants and what he is doing, allow him to answer, listen without thinking of what to say next, give him time to think of what he wants to say next, this allows him to feel valued and cared about and special – don’t we all want that!

  2. Be Playful: Allow yourself to flirt, be playful, spontaneous and tease your man with your sensual side, use physical touch to communicate with him, engage in soft, sensual and pleasurable physical touch - this allows him to do the chasing, reminds him of what a valuable prize you are and leaves your man knowing that you are interested, that you want and desire him

  3. Give Permission: Allow your man to be unapologetically masculine, without fear of being judged or yelled at as well as to feel powerful and desired as a man – give him permission to be allowed to be his Divine self

  4. Let go of expectations & go with the flow: When you view the relationship as so significant, so intimate, so important to your well-being, you create too many expectations boxes, walls, blocks or obstacles for your man to bump into as there is no space for them to fall into and participate with you and for him to feel like it is his choice to be affectionate, romantic and sensual with you – the least meaning you place on it the easier it is for him so let go of all expectations and go with the flow

  5. Create Time and Space: Provide your man with the time and space where you are completely present with him, with no distractions, where you and he can connect and communicate physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, where he can feel safe to be romantic and intimate with you, where he can share his feelings, give love and affection - stay in the moment and be authentic with showing how you feel

There you have it my fellow Goddesses, Queens and Divine Feminine, stand in your power, be confident and be romantic and sensual with the Divine Masculine, the Kings in your world by communicating your feelings of excitement and mystery associated with love – freely express and allow him to experience and feel your affection, admiration and love for him.

Note: This article was also published in Magical Goddess Magazine 2/2017 Men


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