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Heart Decisions: What are they & how do we link them to being successful?

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

As human beings you are presented with opportunities each day to make decisions about aspects of your life and the direction you wish to take it in. Some decisions will be simple, easy and clear such as what to cook for dinner or order at your favourite restaurant. While at other times you may be asked to make more difficult, complex and anxiety provoking decisions such as whether to commit to or leave a relationship, change careers, rent or buy a property or move to a new location. All of your decisions, big or small, have the ability to shift and change the circumstances you may be experiencing along this journey you call life. It is your ability to engage with your passions and to actually make choices that are at the heart of your success.

When it comes to making decisions and to following what you are passionate about in life, it is important to allow yourself to be guided first and foremost by your heart. Your heart is the most important organ and muscle in your body it stores the essence of your spiritual and emotional being, the core of who you are as an individual. It is your peaceful, happy, joyful, creative and loving space, the source of all richness, wealth and abundance, as well as the place where you are free to feel emotions. In order for the heart to be strong and healthy it needs to be exercised, connected to and engaged in every moment throughout the day, in your decision making, so that life as you know it keeps flowing in a positive and successful direction.

Your logical mind also has an important role to play in your decision making, as it is connected, not separate from your heart. It is the space where you can connect to and access thoughts, ideas, logic, reason, specifics and theories. The mind supports the heart by helping to gather the information you require from the world around you, providing you with various choices as well as practical steps you can take in any given situation. Once all the information or options are at hand, it is then that you link back to your heart by taking each of the choices available within and asking two questions: 1) ‘how does this decision feel’? 2) ‘what are the possible outcomes in moving forward with this decision’? You must then get out of the logical mind, allow the heart to be the director and shine the light on the best decision which will allow you to live the full, satisfying, happy, joyful and successful life you are here to live.

Note: This article was also published in Sage Magazine in January 2015


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