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Manifesting Change: Resistance & Willingness

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

As I sit here with Spirit today, I am guided to share some insights and wisdom with you around manifesting the change that you wish to see in your world whether around relationships, business, career, home, finances, spiritual or personal development, health and well-being or self-care and how your willingness to let go of resistance is important in order to allow the Universe to provide you with all you need, want and desire in the world.

I am sure some of you have felt like you have been trying to change things and like you keep hitting brick walls, like you are at a stale-mate or no matter what actions you take your relationships, external circumstances, situations or events just do not seem to change. One of the reasons you may be experiencing this is that your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies may be holding onto some trauma, hurt or upset from the past that it has been resisting or not been willing to let go of. Resistance, a fear-based vibration, is essentially a refusal or denial of something as not being true or an inability to accept what is, whether it is your circumstances, situations, events or relationships in the present moment. When you are sitting in the vibration of resistance, you may feel like you have been working hard, trying, struggling and pushing through problems, challenges or hurdles appearing in your physical world and not getting anywhere or may engage in the following behaviours:

  • Changing the subject of conversation

  • Leaving the room

  • Being late

  • Getting sick

  • Procrastinating

  • Looking away or avoiding eye contact

  • Flipping through magazines, books or mobile phones to distract your attention

  • Eating, drinking or smoking

  • Creating or ending relationships

  • Creating breakdowns whether with cars, household appliances, computers, mobile phones, plumbing etc.

Because resisting the changes that you want to create can result in feelings of unhappiness, frustration, confusion, overwhelm and make already difficult situations or events more difficult and prevent others from wanting to be around you and to support you, then it is extremely important that you step into focusing on the solution rather than the problem! So, what is the solution? Well, it’s pretty simple really, being willing to change! The reality is that whatever problem, situation, experience or event you are facing in the moment is not going to go away or be resolved until you are willing to make some choices and decisions to move towards accepting what is and allowing the support, help, changes or healing you need to be brought to you with ease and grace rather than punishing yourself, getting angry or denying what is being presented to you that needs to be deal with.

I know, you may be thinking right now ‘I am willing’! Great, so what next? Well, it is important to step into acceptance and be willing to see, hear, feel your resistance by:

  1. Looking inside: Take a few moments to connect in with yourself, your authentic self, your true self, you higher self, the Universe using your breath and ask to see your level of ‘willingness’.

  2. Listening to it: Become aware of and acknowledge the situation, experiences and the events that are taking place in the moment and talk to your inner child and let it know that everything is going to be ok, it is trying to protect you and keep you safe and then ask to hear what is needed in order to move into the vibration of acceptance of what is

  3. Feeling it: Allow yourself to feel the fear that is underneath any resistance, whether it is a fear of change, failure, success, making a fool of yourself, being seen, exposing yourself, being alone etc ask to feel how much resistance you are holding onto

  4. Actioning it: Make a 100% commitment to think and play bigger, to show up like you never have before, to take the next big bold step towards your most important needs, wants and desires

The reality is that you have put an order into the Universe, a request or set an intention to create the changes you want to have happen or appear in your world, so if resistance presents itself in your experience it is simply an opportunity to connect with and let go of the fear that has been stopping you. Once you do that, your only task it to be willing to step into the vibration of allowing the Universe to bring you what you have been asking for in your life!

Note: This article was also published in the Summer 2017 Edition of The Lightworker Advocate Magazine - page 18


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