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Awakening & Creating Cosmic New Beginnings

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Sit back, relax, kick off your shoes and allow Spirit and I to share some wisdom, insights and practical steps with you around “Awakening and Creating Cosmic New Beginnings”.

Let’s first start by reminding each of you that you are the result of an awakening and a creation of a magical cosmic new beginning. How so you ask? Well, many of you are the result of a conscious decision - not always, but we won’t go into that here - by your mother and father to create new life, the ultimate cosmic new beginning that many people look forward to. Now, as a soul you are essentially a bundle of vibrating energies inhibiting a physical body, which all started with your first cosmic new beginning in the development of you as a human being. This all started at the point of fertilisation, to awaken and create you as an individual into existence – pretty amazing and magical right! Your energy then transformed and evolved into an embryo within the womb of the female body – your mother – and your development and growth was in full swing, building specific body parts, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, heart, spinal cord, brain and much more. At some point you communicated energetically to your mother that you were ready to make your appearance into this physical world, your final awakening in this new beginning for your exit from one energetic space to another. Your biggest awakening – by no means your last - the moment you become suddenly aware of the world around you.

Now that you are in the physical world, your physical body becomes the temple that your soul is housed within, ready to receive from the world around you and to connect, transform and grow in ways that are loving, joyful and true for you. As a soul and energetic be-ing, it is essential that you understand that you and only you hold the magic to create cosmic new beginnings and the life you want and deserve through the energetic signal you are sending out to the universe and attracting back. This signal is created based on what you allow your soul to be penetrated and fertilized with in the form of thoughts, beliefs, stories, perceptions, expectations, emotions, actions, situations, experiences or relationships. So, as you move through your day it is important to be consciously aware of what you are allowing into your temple and energetic body and whether it is allowing you to develop, grow and thrive in positive, uplifting, joyful and loving ways and through connection, respect, passion, sensitivity and loving attention and care. Alternatively, you also need to be aware when you are allowing energies, experiences and relationships into your temple that result in struggle and decrease, stunt, shrink and hold your development and growth back in negative, toxic, draining and fearful ways. If you are being impacted by the unconscious world, old junk, congestion, illusion, judgement or toxicity, the Universe will ask you to undergo a process of transformation, learning and growth - often referred to as ascension - simply a cleansing and clearing process to open you up to the truth of who you are, resetting the energetic signal you are emitting to that of your authentic self, an energetic be-ing of unconditional love.

You cannot escape this continuous process of transformation, learning and growth as it is what you have come to this physical world to do and no matter what the experiences or situations you are going through in your life. Remember, you have the ability to transform any blocks, obstacles, confusion, helplessness, irritation, panic, overwhelm, sadness, disappointment, indecision, numbness, anger, jealousy or other toxic fear-based energies you take into your energetic temple (consciously or unconsciously) in any given moment so that they do not continue to interfere and sabotage your goals and desires behind the scenes. To transform these energies, it is important that you also cleanse and clear your energy on a regular basis (chakra’s and bodies) so that you come back to the truth of who you are, positive, joyful and loving through processes such as meditation, mindfulness, acknowledging and releasing emotions and fears, affirmations, challenging and changing your stories/beliefs, accepting responsibility, changing your perspective, forgiveness and shifting any sabotage behaviours. It is also essential that you learn to shield and protect your energetic temple against other’s negative fear-based energies, influences and congestion so you are not also collecting their junk along the way. This then allows you to easily embrace the magic that already exists within you to create cosmic new beginnings and you can begin emitting the energetic signal you need to send out to the universe to attract back the life you want and deserve with ease, grace, love and joy – this is how you awaken and create your cosmic new beginnings.

Happy awakening and creating in 2018!!! May this year be filled with connection, success, love, joy and beautiful growth in whatever areas you desire.

Note: This article was also published in the January 2018 edition of The Temple Magazine


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