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Generosity of Heart and Spirit

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Come on in, sit down, kick your shoes off and let’s chat about Generosity. It’s funny how the Universe and Spirit work …. when your heart is open to being and embracing the vibration of generosity, you are able to connect more with your authentic self, your soul, who you truly are.

Firstly, let me say that people who place a high value on generosity, give and receive from a place of abundance, balance and love, because it is something that their soul must express in order to feel authentic, real, true and fulfilled. These type of people, give more than is needed or than is expected – not just in terms of money – and often receive the same in return! They are generous with their time, energy and resources whether that is through providing support, help, presence, comfort, encouragement, wisdom, kindness, teaching skills, opportunities, smiles, hugs, kisses and most of all love. I have observed that generous people are also patient, understanding, empathic, vulnerable, open, receptive, compassionate and of course once again loving!

Now, in truth we all come into this world as generous loving beings it is just society, institutions, governments or others we come across who put the thoughts and beliefs around lack into our consciousness, which then drives our desire for more money, bigger houses, expensive cars, better jobs and more physical things that we somehow came to think we had to collect and hold onto as there are only limited amounts and not enough for everyone. So, we have learnt that it is important to be driven by receiving more, competing with others for money, opportunities, relationships, homes, or other things rather than being generous….

Now….what I know to be true through having connected with thousands of loved ones who have passed over to Spirit, is that at the end of the day we all return back to Pachamama – Mother Earth – one way or another and our soul can not take money or material things with us when we leave, nor does it want to.

From a personal perspective, I have had many experiences that allowed me to be present and consciously aware of how I and the people showing up in my world are generous of both their heart and their spirit over the last 12 months. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to be generous in many ways, the most important of which was in my personal life and relationship with another. Being generous in my relationship and connection with others, whether my partner, friends, family, lover, clients and colleagues is essential for me to be my authentic loving self – it is part of me that I cannot, nor would I want to, change.

This last month,, as a very important and amazing man in my life experienced the shock and devastating loss of a family member (who was only 11 years old), I was given the opportunity to be generous of heart and spirit, by simply providing the space physically, emotionally and spiritually for him to experience and express his grief. How we support people in their grief is something I deal with in my work as a medium all the time and also have a good understanding of the grieving process from personal experience and my training in psychology. I certainly hope that on a personal level, I was able to be generous with my understanding, compassion, embraces, listening and my time by simply being present with him in the moments when he needed support, strength and love.

What I want to acknowledge though, is that I would not have had the ability to be my generous and loving self, if he was not also generous of heart and spirit by being open to allowing me in, being vulnerable and most of all feeling safe to express his grief while knowing that he was fully supported, held, accepted and loved in his time of need. So, it is important to remember that generosity takes a balance of giving and receiving.

I believe that people can and are capable of massive amounts of generosity, whether it means simply dropping everything you are do-ing or that is keeping you busy in your daily life that seems important – that so often isn’t - for your partner, friend or family member and giving what you can, often more than is needed or expected. Whether, it is taking a moment in your day to offer a homeless person some water, food or even just a smile and your love and compassion. This is what I believe creates deeper levels of intimacy and authenticity in our relationships, yet it involves allowing our souls, hearts and all of who we are to be seen, heard, accepted and loved!

Remember, the only reason many people do not give or embrace generosity is because they believe that they do not have enough ….. and that if they give what they have, they would have nothing left. Well, this is simply not true! If we are still living and breathing, we always have something left. The Universe is abundant, if you only shift your perspective to what you do have and to knowing that there is an endless supply of everything. You too can easily access this endless source that is the Universe by allowing yourself to be generous. The Universe will then be generous with you – it’s the law!

So, this month, I invite you to open your heart, give authentically and generously of your time, support, wisdom, skills, kindness, smiles, hugs, kisses, comfort, resources and most of all your love!

Note: This article was also published in the December 2017 edition of The Temple Magazine


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