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Visions of Love, Passion & Playfulness with the Goddesses

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Sit back, relax, kick off your shoes and imagine yourself in a relationship that flows in beautiful and healthful ways, that allows you to grow and to fully embrace the energy of love, support, acceptance, connection, respect, honour, trust, communication, loyalty, commitment, encouragement, pleasure, sensuality and playfulness. See and feel yourself having and being in union and partnership with a love that allows you to be all of who you are, your authentic self, to live in the magical flow of life, so you embody your soul’s purpose and walk your path with passion, enthusiasm, joy and love.

Spirit let’s you know that it is time to get clear with setting your intentions and visions around how it is that you want to bring more love, passion, sensuality and playfulness into your life, improve your partnership or attract the relationship and partnership you want in your life …. To help you with this Spirit has guided me to channel and bring through the following process you can use to support you in bringing this love into your life by working with the Goddesses:

Welcome, it is by no accident that you have come across our message today as you are now ready to step into the next level of your sacred journey of love in your physical world and invite more love, passion, playfulness and joy into your life….it is after-all the reason you are on this Earth at this time – to come into union and connection with another through love.

As you open to this message and process, we the Goddesses Isis, Venus, Aphrodite and Freya, invite you to find a beautiful sacred space where you can be present with us, placing yourself first on your list of priorities and your focus directly on your intention for love. Be open to any images, visions, symbols, sounds, thoughts, words, messages, fragrances, tastes and feelings you receive as we support you in creating this vision for love that you want and are ready to invite into your life now.

To begin, take a few deep breaths down into the bottom of your belly, centering and freeing yourself from any distractions or issues that may be taking place around you and to open your heart to the love and magic that is about to be created. Feel, know and acknowledge that deep down in your soul you are deserving of and ready to receive a loving healthy, fulfilling and joyous relationship in your life so that you can thrive and embrace your souls purpose.

As you continue focusing on your breath, the Goddess Isis, the Egyptian mother-goddess of femininity, motherhood, magic, healing and power, steps forward ….. I Isis, Egyptian queen of the Nile, come forward with my loving and nurturing energy to support you in healing your heart of any confusion, misery, struggle, tension, resistance or fear, whether real or perceived, based on your past experiences or present situations. To allow for this healing to occur, I simply ask you to say “Yes, I am ready” with your conscious awareness, so your heart can be brought back to its natural and true state of pure love. Over the next month and as you move forward, I remind you to have patience and be kind and compassionate with yourself, you are learning and growing through every experience and to acknowledge your achievements along the way as this helps to increase your self-esteem and confidence. Finally, I ask you to embrace your feminine essence, strength and beauty as well as the divine synchronicities as I bring a love that is loyal, fertile, playful and magical your way through ease and joy – know that very soon you will experience a grand celebration in your life!

You now notice, the Goddess Venus, Roman Goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, abundance, desire and fertility, steps forward to connect and bestow her love and magic upon you. I, the Goddess Venus, invite you to open your heart and allow me to inspire and impact your life so you embody your juicy, abundant, sensual and prosperous self. As you invoke and work with my energy, I invite you to understand who you are, what you value most in loving connections, how you feel feminine, beautiful and sensual as well as what makes you feel loved, juicy and desirable so you truly flow and thrive in life and love. Over the next month and as you move forward, I ask you to give yourself permission to feel love, beautiful, sensual, abundant, desirable and fertile, without judgement, accepting all of yourself and your desires. I bestow upon you the gift of pleasure from the Divine, allow yourself to tap into and connect with this yummy and beautiful vibration, knowing it is safe and healthy for you to feel and have this in your life now.

As you continue focusing on your breath, the Goddess Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of romantic love, beauty, sensual pleasure and desire, passion, fertility, steps into your energy field. I, Aphrodite, the Goddess of romance, pleasure and passion invite you to let go of any shame, guilt or pain you may be harbouring around your physical body, feeling beautiful, sensual, desirable and loving and to increase your awareness of your physical body and the sensations that bring it pleasure and delight as well as what allows you to feel sensual and downright sexy. To do this, over the next month and moving forward, I may inspire you to go for walks, exercise, eat healthful foods, nurture yourself, have a make-over, get a new look or update your wardrobe, dress up, wear something sensual, have massages, engage in loving sensual touch with another and to make time for romance, passion and what sparks your desire. Finally, I invite you to speak your mind, ask for what you desire, what brings you love and pleasure and most of all reach out, connect to and let those you love and care about know how you feel about them … show them they are desirable and that you appreciate, value and love them.

For those of you who are interested in marriage and children as part of a loving relationship, you will now feel the presence of the Goddess Freya, come forward to work with you. I, Fraya, the Norse Goddess of love, joy, abundance, marriage, lust and sexuality am here to help you with bringing love, nurturing, peace and pleasure into your partnership as well as with fertility and childbirth. As you embrace and work with my energy, I invite you to talk to me and tell me your desires, dreams and intentions as well as share any difficulties or challenges you may be experiencing in your relationship with another. Over the next month, I may guide you to come together with your love, to connect more through pleasure with your partner, to spend time and energy consciously focusing on lovemaking, accepting yourself and allowing yourself to give and receive love from another in balance. Finally, for those who desire it, I bring you the gift and blessing of children, in conceiving, getting pregnant and birthing healthy babies – trust and know that it will happen, the question is not “if”, but “when”, and with “how much drama or ease”?

You are asked to take a moment now to thank the Goddesses for connecting and sharing their energy with you and for supporting you as you take this step into the next level of your sacred journey of love and invite more love, passion, playfulness and joy into your life. Remember, to simply allow them to guide you taking the steps to feel and be loved, valued and worthy each and every day – that is the truth of who you are!

In setting your clear intentions and visions for how you want to feel love and be playful in your life this year and working with the Goddesses, know that you are ready to be in union and partnership with another. This partnership, as with any relationship, will provide each and of you with the opportunity to learn and grow, deepen your connection to self and your partner, learn to surrender and let go, create and maintain healthy boundaries, take responsibility for loving and caring for self and another, understand how to open up to giving and receiving love, being nurturing, compassionate and kind in healthy, joyful and fulfilling ways so you are able to thrive in all areas of life. As you embrace your connection with another through love, this will bring you your greatest gifts, your biggest challenges and the most amazing opportunities for your soul to learn and grow – allow it in NOW!


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