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Updated: Feb 22, 2020

As I connect in with Spirit I am being asked to channel a message for you from the “Be-ings of Light”, so sit back, relax, kick off your shoes and open your heart to all the love, joy and abundance that March has to offer.

As the “Be-ings of Light”, we often hear people talk about wanting abundance, being abundant or asking the Universe to bring them more abundance, most often in the form of money, people, resources or opportunities that they feel are lacking in their lives. In reality “be-ing abundant” is a state of mind, a vibration, a frequency, an energetic space, a grid that you embrace, align with or plug into and project out from your inner self into the world around you. Abundance is a way of being in the world, regardless of how much or how little you have in your physical presence.

In this world many of you are wanting more abundance, whether in the form of physical resources, people, love, affection, romance, money, health and well-being or opportunities and are projecting from your inner be-ing what we would refer to as a “lack” mentality, where you use words, thoughts and beliefs that let everyone around you and the world know that you do not have enough, that you are not enough, you will never have enough or that you do not have what ever it is that you desire. From our energetic and vibrational perspective, this is a clear external sign that you are aligned with or plugged into the “Grid of Scarcity” where you may be attempting to manifest and create, consciously or unconsciously, from a space of lack, negativity, heaviness, greed, anger, frustration, doubt, unworthiness and not having or being capable of having what you desire. When you are plugged into the “Grid of Scarcity”, it results in you projecting out into the Universe mind-set and way of being that essentially means you attract and bring to you more people, opportunities or situations that confirm that you do not have enough, are not enough, will never have enough or do not have what you desire because that is the vibration (words, thoughts, beliefs, emotions or actions) you are offering the Universe as what is true for you.

Alternatively, when you are plugged into the “Grid of Abundance”, you are accessing your heart space, connected to the Universal heart and the truth of who you are at your core, an infinitely abundant being of love. All that is created and manifested in your physical world comes from love, so you are always enough exactly as you are, you will always have enough and always be enough as this is the vibration that you project out into the world through your words, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions. Listen to the messages of love and abundance that are being whispered to you through your heart where you are fully accepted, appreciated, approved of and loved, no matter what happens or what takes place around you. When you are able to feel complete with yourself on the inside, when you nurture, respect and are kind to yourself and when you are truly loving you, then your external world can ONLY mirror this energy, frequency and vibration back to you and you will know that you are plugged into your abundance.

We ask each of you who are reading this article to know that you were drawn to do so for a reason, for it is time for you to more fully aligned and plugged into your abundance, into more love. So, we ask you to now open your heart further, allow the abundance of love to flow in, for the more love you can let into your heart right now, the more love you will have to give to yourself and others and the more amazing your life will be.

Please take our love with you, know that this is the essence of all abundance and use this energy to love each other more. Remember, you are worthy, beautiful, adored, appreciated and loved more than you know!


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