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Focus & Conscious Awareness in Business

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Sit back, kick off your shoes, relax and allow Spirit and I to share some wisdom, insights and practical tips to support you in staying focused and consciously aware within your business.

Having just finished supporting clients in the Mirror of the Soul Retreat here in Colombia, I feel drawn to share with you some of the things that were coming up for people who are managing and working in their own businesses. I have been working in my own business now for over 8 years full-time, after having come out of a stressful senior management position in a busy University where I was responsible for managing and supporting a team of administration staff, teachers and students as well as teaching classes to people from all over the world for over 10 years. When you have your own business some of the roles you take on may include, owner, manager, administration, accountant, marketing, promotion, counsellor, etc etc etc ….. I understand the challenges, obstacles and problems that can come up and how to help people in putting practical steps and strategies in place to be able to stay focused on the dream, vision and goals in amongst it.

In order for your business to thrive, succeed and grow as well as allow everyone involved in your business to feel happy, secure and valued personally and professionally, you must remember that you are the foundation of your business. Therefore, you MUST ensure your basic needs are being met in all areas of your life and create a balanced, healthy and peaceful lifestyle so you can then remain focused on and successfully achieve your goals and you are able to make effective business decisions that support your intentions and desired outcomes. If your basic needs in other areas of your life are not being met, you will feel unbalanced, scattered, overwhelmed, frustrated, stuck, unmotivated and like you want to give-up – trust me I have been there a number of time.

How do you do this you ask???

Firstly, when I talk about focus what I am really saying is about it is important to remain in alignment, truth and integrity with what it is that you are aiming for – your dreams, visions and goals – and be able to make decisions about things that come your way, consciously and easily so you can identify if they are opportunities or distractions. Firstly, you must ensure you maintain good health and well-being, you are surrounded by healthy secure, loving and supportive relationships that uplift you, encourage you and cheer you and you must be able to engage in honest and open communication, feel confidence and have respect for yourself and others as well as be able to support your clients in their learning, growth and development – whatever that looks like within your business.

How do you know what your basic needs are?

Many of you may be aware of Maslow’s (1943) “Hierarchy of Needs”, which I use within my business to help me ensure there is a solid foundation created for having my own and the needs of all those involved in my business (staff, colleagues, clients etc) successfully fulfilled quickly, easily and in joyful, loving ways.

​​How do you know if your basic needs are being met?

One of the things that I would ask you to get conscious of is any feelings or experiences that are creating discord, resistance or challenges in the home, financially or within your relationships. Acknowledge if this is where you are at as you CAN NOT focus on taking your business or work to the next level with these distractions playing out around you and make it difficult to achieve success. Once you are aware of where the discord, obstacles or distractions are coming from you can then take action steps to align yourself with the solution by prioritising your actions to ensure you come back into a healthy balance personally and professionally. To do this I recommend that my clients look at the Jar of Life tool to identify what is important, what matters, what is small and irrelevant so that priorities are easily able to be set on a day to day basis:

  • Rocks = Important things in life (self, health, partner, children, family, friends, goals) - life will still feel full if this is the only thing left

  • Pebbles = Other things that matter in life (job, business, house, car, study, dinners, finances, social activities etc)

  • Sand = All the other things, the small stuff

When spending time and energy on the small stuff, there is no room for the important things in life, so it is important to take care of the rocks first, the things that are important, to set priorities around these and then allow the pebbles to fit in with them, the rest is just sand ….

So remember to be consciously aware in your business and regularly check-in on whether you are focused, aligned and in integrity with your dreams, visions and goals.


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