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Adventure in Love

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Sit back, relax, take off your shoes and let’s take an adventure around love, relationships and intimacy. Intimate relationships are the greatest gifts and biggest challenges that we can experience in this journey called life as they teach us how to surrender, let go, open up, create healthy boundaries, acceptance of self, unconditional love as well as to experience romance, sensuality, sex and so much more!

As I connection with the Universal consciousness and the Divine, I am aware that many of you are being called at this time to reflect on their relationships, to release and shift through patterns of fear and clear blockages from the past which may be interfering with your current experience as they are no longer true for you or needed as you move forward in this adventure called life.

Spirit is asking me to share with you some insights about what they refer to as the five (5) Golden Threads that must be present to create strong, healthy and sustainable relationships between two individuals. These threads include:

  1. Connection: This thread must be strong in four ways: a) Physically which includes chemistry, passion, excitement, playfulness, flirting, fun, meaningful closeness, intimacy and affection b) Mentally which involves shared visions, dreams and goals, effective communication, continually inspiring and sparking each other’s interest and curiosity as well as learning new things c) Emotionally which includes a shared willingness to heal and be vulnerable, understanding, compassion, empathy, heartfelt nurturing and affection and d) Spiritually which includes shared values and visions, to ability to witness each other’s experiences, support and help each other grow, see and recognise each other’s higher self and to be a spiritual companion

  2. Communication: For this thread to be strong, healthy and to thrive you must have open and honest communication where you are able to be vulnerable (giving voice to thoughts and emotions) and totally transparent about everything going on, even if you do not feel it affects the other because it may very well do – this requires you to have the courage to be authentic with each other

  3. Trust: It is important for this thread to be strong and unbreakable in your connection with each other, that you remain in integrity with your values and each other, are able to be honest with your feelings, thoughts and actions

  4. Honour & Respect: This thread askes that you honour and respect your own rights, desires, choices, wishes and needs within your connection by having the courage to acknowledge, accept and express what you want while letting go of control and expectations so you allow your partner the independence and freedom to also choose if they are able and/or willing to fulfil them – you also honour and respect your partners desires, needs and choices at the same time.

  5. Love: This is the essential thread that connects you not only to your partner, to yourself and the Universe and source itself. For this thread to be healthy, give and receive from each other in balance, it cannot be measured and must be pure, authentic, free-flowing, joyful and unconditional.

In any relationship, whether you have just met or have been together for some time, it is essential to pause, take some time to reflect, individually and as a couple on whether your Golden Threads are aligned and flowing in the same direction or if they are a mismatch, contain junk, are congested or blocked. To do this, simply take some time to ask yourself, individually or as a couple, the following:

  • Where do I/we flow with connection, communication, trust, honour, respect and love?

  • What is it that makes me/us happy, connected, loving and aligned?

  • Is there a thread where I/we are experiencing a lack of flow or where I/we are not aligned?

  • Is there a thread which contains junk, congestion, blockages, resistance or where I/we are holding back?

If you become aware of junk, congestion, blockages or resistance in any of your Golden Threads, whether experienced as fear, abandonment or betrayal, disrespect, humiliation, disappointment, dissatisfaction, hurt, unfulfillment, impatience, lack of trust, pressure, expectations, compromising or settling for less, illusions, judgements, conflict, insecurities, failure, shame, blame or simply not believing that all is possible, it is essential that you allow these to come to the surface so that you can release them and they no longer impact your connection in negative ways. By taking responsibility for clearing what is within and healing your own thoughts, emotions and patterns, you create the freedom and space you need to be able to transform your relationship and connection into that which you desire.

Once you have been able to clear, release, transform and shift through any junk, congestion or resistance, you have an opportunity to refocus your energy and attention on growing what is flowing, what is working, what is aligned and in turn your connection will be lighter, loving and joyful as a result. Some really easy ways to focus on growing what you desire include:

  • Being consciously aware and in the moment

  • Acceptance

  • Meditation

  • Journaling

  • Play and fun

  • Sensuality

  • Dance

  • Sex

  • Vulnerability

  • Personal responsibility

By allowing these to come up and into your conscious awareness so you can release them and create the freedom you desire to manifest and create the connections and relationships you desire.

So, how are you flowing with your adventure around love, relationships and intimacy? Are you in the gift or the challenge side of the path? What is it teaching you and do you need help and support to be able to create the healthy, fulfilling and loving relationship your soul desires? Reach out and take an adventure to Shift your Sh*t so you can start achieving your dreams around love, relationships and intimacy.

Note: This article was also published in the May 2017 edition of The Temple Magazine


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