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Weave Magic with the Moon

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Sit back, kick off your shoes and allow, Spirit and I to bring you through some practical ideas for how you can work with the moon to weave some magic into your life….

Throughout history the ancient ancestors’ of many different cultures have measured time, planned religious events and community festivals, as well as planted and harvested crops by observing and recording the number of moons that passed from a certain period and by the shadows that the Sun and Moon cast. Many ancient cultures watched the Moon each night and learnt to predict its phases and movements, even if they didn’t understand the reasons for those motions. All of the indigenous people’s activities, whether for work, rest or play, were in harmony with the flow of ‘Mother Nature’ the changing of seasons, the rising and setting of the Sun and Moon as well as the phases the Moon passed through in a month. There was a time for everything!

Like your ancestor’s before you, you can learn to synchronise your energy and activities with the Moon - Lady Lunar as many call her – as she moves through her cycles and four (4) major phases, to gain a deeper understanding of how your thoughts, emotions and actions can be affected. By learning about each of the phases you will become aware of how you can start utilising the Moon’s energy to allow your life to flow and support you in knowing when to start, undertake or bring projects to completion, when to take time to go within and re-energise and when to get out and socialise as well as creating and manifesting what it is you want in all areas of your life. So, what are the major phases and the energy they bring with them?

  1. New Moon: Is a time for endings, completion of the old, in preparation for and to make room for new beginnings, something new and to set intentions, goals, desires and wishes

  2. First Quarter: Is good for moving forward, focusing on attracting new positive things towards you which will grow as well as make decisions and take actions to move you towards what you want

  3. Full Moon: Is a time where your emotions, creativity and intuition are increased and heightened, where you may experience completions, change, tying up loose ends, where things that are interfering, blocking or no longer serve you are brought to light for releasing and letting go as well as a good time to consider your goals and review accomplishments

  4. Last Quarter Moon: is a time for focusing on completion, endings, eliminating or finalising projects and details, taking responsibility and reflecting on what you have created and successfully achieved since the New Moon as well as being a good time to rest, meditate and get ready for the energies of the New Moon

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, each month many of you are affected by the power of the Moon as she moves through these phases, with your energy levels growing and decreasing just as she does, and whether you know it or not you are practicing “Moon Magic”. For example, at different times have you felt the urge to start new projects, build and grow relationships, increase your finances or opportunities? Have you noticed that at other times you wanted to release and let go of what was not working or bringing you joy in life, to sit back, get clear on your goals and intentions and to develop a plan for moving forward? When you do these things, you are aligning with the powers of the Moon and putting her magic energy to work for you so that you can improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Moon Magic is one of the easiest, most effective manifesting techniques around which can be applied in very practical ways to your life. All you need to get started is to co-ordinate and align your energy, projects, opportunities and actions with the phase of the moon, whether it is around love, relationships, business, finances, health and well-being or your spiritual practices and then set a clear and direct intent about the magic you are weaving. So, kick off those shoes and allow Lady Luna to weave magic in your life this month.

Note: This article was also published in the April 2018 edition of The Temple Magazine


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