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Twin Flames: Healing, Clearing & Protection

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Sit back, kick off your shoes and allow Spirit and I to share some tips and processes with you to help you with healing and clearing in Twin Flame Connections.

Take it from me, just because you meet your Divine Counterpart (Twin Flame) in the physical world, it does not mean you will not experience challenges or difficulties. Remember, the purpose of a Twin Flame union is to firstly release and heal what it is that is keeping you "out" of having more love, joy, peace and happiness show up in your world.

This may require you to step into doing some healing and clearing work on yourself, to let go of old attachments, resolve or dissolve out worn soul contracts and relationships, shift and transform sabotage patterns and limiting beliefs, embrace wounds and heal your connection with yourself, partner, family, friends or past lovers. You may also have negative emotions such as confusion, jealousy, helplessness, irritation, anxiety, overwhelm, indecision, numbness or sadness come up that can impact the signal you send out to the Universe and your Twin Flame, attracting more of the same back, if they are not cleared from you energy and healed.

All of this healing work, not only has an impact on your everyday life, you may also notice a lot of unspoken, energetic, telepathic "stuff" going on between you and your Twin Flame which can result in feeling weird emotions, inexplicable moods and lots of thoughts popping into your awareness that are not your own. Essentially resulting in congestion, negativity and blocks that trigger you and provide an opportunity to cleanse and clear yourself and the union of any external "junk".

It is important to cleanse, clear any heavy, dense or lower vibration energy, blocks and imbalances in the aura, release any karma which may be impacting the present, retrieve and return any soul fragments lost, scattered, stolen or given away, disconnect from unhealthy personal relationships or situations as well as dissolve transform and transmute any fear-based energy into lighter, cleaner and higher vibration love-based energy on a regular basis. To support you with this clearing and cleansing Spirit has guided me to create this Twin Flame Clearing and Activation and open your heart to tap into the love of the Universe and the Divine.

You may also like to call upon Archangel Michael to help clear away any congestion or external 'junk' sent your or your Twin Flame's way by simply saying the following:

"Archangel Michael, I call upon you now and ask you to please use your Divine healing magnet to life away any low vibration energies of fear, anger or jealousy from my and my Twins back, neck and shoulders which may have been sent our way - consciously or unconsciously. Please help us to feel compassion for those who may have sent these energies through their words, thoughts, feelings or actions so that they may be healed through the Divine with love. Thank you for clearing away toxic, fear based energies and entities from within and around us and return us to our true high vibration loving energy. So it is said, so it is done.”

Once you have cleansed and cleared your energy, it is also essential to shield yourself and your Twin Flame against other's energies, interference, influences and congestion, whether from the past or present internal or external forces so they do not impact your connection. To do this by simply saying the following to activate your Merkaba and shield of protection:

"I call upon the mighty I am presence of Saint Germain, to activate my and my Twin Flame's sacred Merkaba (vehicle of light), to guard and shield us from lower, dense, fear-based energies or entities that wish to interfere or negatively influence us as either individuals or in union. I ask that you surround us, in front, behind, on the left, on the right, above and below with a blue, gold and violet light, so strong and thick that no negative energies, entities or thought forms can penetrate it. I/we know that I/we walk with the highest levels of protection and love in every moment of this day. So it is said, so it is done. Thank you, thank you, thank you".

Understand that when you and your Twin Flame connect in the physical all of this can feel very intense, especially if you are sensitive and empathic, as you both feel your way through your own individual healing as well as find the best way to connect and relate to each other. It is important to take the time to check in on what energy, frequency or vibration you and your Twin Flame are tuned into, is it love, happiness, excitement, trust, faith and joy or is it doubt, confusion, loneliness, sadness, hurt and questioning. Remember, bringing yourself into healing balance and functioning as well as feeling whole, complete, happy and loved within you is the most important part of your connection - this then has a beautiful impact on how you connect, interact and feel about each other. With any Twin Flame connection it is essential that you do the healing and clearing work on you first, do not try to analyse the connection or understand what is happening for the other, accept what is in the moment and allow yourself to BE the love that you are.


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