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It's Time to Quit: The Energy of Complaining

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Sit back, kick off your shoes and allow Spirit and I to share some wisdom and insight with you about the sabotage pattern that steals your happiness and ruins everyone’s day.....The Energy of Complaining!

Complaining is something that have all engaged in at some point in our lives …. Sometimes more than others! At times you may be the person who is doing the complaining whether it is about small things like how hot or cold it is, how early you had to wake up, how tired you are, how hungry you are, how you have no wifi, no credit on your phone, how bored you are, how you had to wait for too long, how bad the service was, how bad the food was, the number of hours you have to work, travel to different locations, toilet seat being left up, how you don’t make enough money or all the other petty things that annoy and irritate us from time to time. Whether you are taking the lead role in complaining to your boss, your colleagues or complaining to your partner, family, friends or anyone else who will care to listen, you are essentially in “victim-mode” and engaging in a pattern of behaviour (consciously or unconsciously) that is negative, low vibrational and toxic and that you are sharing and spreading with the person you are complaining to, who undoubtedly after listening to all your complaints will also end up feeling exhausted, tired, annoyed, irritated, frustrated and disappointed.

While complaining is a part of everyone’s lives, we all do it for a variety of reasons and about a variety of situations, circumstances and experiences that we may be having, it is simple a routine and pattern you are committed to engaging in, where you express what is “wrong” and why you feel something is “not working” how you desire. When you engage in the energy of complaining, what you are really seeking is a “solution” to what you are perceiving as a problem, however, you can not get to the solution from where you are while you are engaging in and growing the negative, low vibrational and toxic energy. When you are engaging in the pattern of complaining you are not consciously aware of your thoughts, words, emotions or actions and how they impact you or others, you are not in acceptance of the present moment, you are wasting your time and energy by focusing on the problem, you feel like you are the victim of others behaviour or your circumstances, you are not able to be grateful for what you do have, you are not able to appreciate what is “right” about your experience or situation, you are not willing to allow the solution to come into your awareness and you most certainly are not feeling happy, joyful or loving towards yourself or to those around you.

As Randy Pausch said in The Last Lecture, “If you took one-tenth the energy you put into complaining and applied it to solving the problem, you'd be surprised by how well things can work out … Complaining does not work as a strategy. We all have finite time and energy. Any time we spend whining is unlikely to help us achieve our goals. And it won't make us happier”. If you want to resolve the problem or issue that you are perceiving as “wrong” and “not working”, you must be willing to shift your perspective, energy and strategy so you can allow the Universe to bring you the solution and to resolve the issue quickly and easily. How do you do that?

  1. Get Conscious: Get yourself into the present moment, grounded and aware, so you are able to catch yourself when you start engaging in the pattern of complaining – whether it is in your thoughts, words, feelings or actions about a situation, relationship, what others are doing or saying, your environment and surroundings, situations or experiences you are having in your life – recognise it and stop it!

  2. Make a Change: If you are not happy with a relationship, situation or experience, then you have the power to change it – there is ALWAYS a different choice or option available to you, even if it is simply changing the way you are perceiving, thinking, feeling or acting.

  3. Accept what Is: If you do not have the ability to change what you are seeing as ‘wrong’ or ‘not working’ then you do have the power to accept it, which means, being ok with what is, honouring your process, having compassion for where you are and what you are experiencing and being willing to surround to the solution and change that is ready to come in.

  4. Appreciation & Gratitude: Make a decision to look for what is “right” and what is working by engaging in the energy of appreciation and gratitude – for example, be grateful that you woke up, that you have a roof over your head, that you have food in the fridge, that you have a job to go to, that you have a toilet, that you have money – start with the small things and move your way up to the big things, remember things could be worse.

  5. Take Action: Get yourself moving towards the solution, whether it is taking an action to be more conscious with your energy, take responsible for how you are using your time and what you are focusing on, making a phone call, sending an email or going directly to the source of your complaint, whether that is a person or company and communicate clearly, directly, politely, respectfully and make a reasonable request for what you expect to have done or happen.

So, take the time today to get present and conscious with yourself and those around you. If you are the one complaining, then it is time to “Quit” engaging in a pattern of behaviour that only puts you in ‘victim-mode’, spreads negative, toxic energy to all those around you and to start accepting and appreciating what you DO have and to start taking actions to change what it is that you perceive to be ‘wrong’ or not working for you. If you are the one listening to the complaining of others, ask yourself if you can accept it, if there is an action you can take to resolve the issue, if you can communicate with them about changing the behaviour or if you just need to “Quit” allowing it into your space.


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