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Creating a Solid Spiritual Practice

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

​​Sit back, kick off your shoes and let's have a chat about the Spiritual Development, whether you are interested in developing your intuition, psychic or mediumship abilities, it is important to understand first and foremost you are a soul in a physical body and always connected with and have a relationship with ‘Spirit’, ‘Source’, ‘Universe’ or whatever you refer to it as and that you can not develop spiritually without putting the work in to grow and improve as a soul. ​

In other words, it is essentially that you also undertake Personal Development as it presents you with an opportunity to regularly improve your life mentally; physically and spiritually as well as to experience new things to help you grow as a person. It is about you being open to learning and growing as an individual, healing and shifting old patterns and beliefs, becoming more consciously aware and present of your thoughts, emotions and actions in your everyday life as well as letting go of fears and doubts and reflecting on your experiences to gain the wisdom and understanding so that you improve your ability to connect to your intuition and your psychic abilities.

To do this you must develop a regular Spiritual Practice, which is more than just sitting and meditating, connecting with guides, angels, tarot cards, crystals or loved one's who have passed over, it is a choice to practice looking, thinking, touching, drinking, eating, feeling, acting and communicating. It is in every action, every breath, every step and every choice or decision you make and can help you become more of your true and authentic self. I would recommend you include the following four (4) C’s to support you in creating a solid foundation for your Spiritual Practice as well as your Personal and Spiritual Development:

  1. Conscious Awareness: Becoming present to how you as a soul are flowing and moving through your life or blocking yourself from moving forward. It is essentially about being present in the moment, getting into the now, aware of the level and intensity of your thoughts, emotions and actions so you can choose whether to engage with, embrace or take action around them. When you are not present, you are scattered and unconscious, in a limited, weak state of awareness, can mask or hide things, have no idea what is being shared or taking place, feel dis-empowered or blocked, too focused on the past, reliving old experiences, holding onto old hurt, pain and un-forgiveness and repeat old patterns, too future focused, over-think, analyse, worry, stress and are fearful, push for things to happen when it is not the right time.

  2. Courage: Having the strength to face challenges, hurdles or change, a willingness to go within, shift and transform limiting thoughts/beliefs, heavy emotions and sabotage patterns, to be your authentic self and show ALL of who you are, to speak your truth, the ability to take actions even when there may be a risk, making choices and decisions that allow you to stay in alignment and integrity with your values, dreams, visions and desires in life. This will require you to understand that you are a being worthy of having and being all that you want in the world and to know without a doubt what you value, needs and desire of so you can create healthy self-love boundaries and say “NO” to what is not in alignment or integrity for you.

  3. Compassion: Gathering your energies into your body and embrace compassion – that is understanding, kindness, caring and a willingness to help. This involves being willing to see and perceive yourself, others and every situation, experience, event (past or present) and life from a higher perspective. When you look for the higher perspective, you are able to find what is ‘right’ rather than only looking at what is ‘wrong’, you understand that there is always a good reason for people to do what they do and that it has nothing to do with you, you look for the best in people rather than the worst and you are able to align yourself with the solution rather than focusing on the problem. When you are able to hold yourself and others in a space of compassion, kindness and caring you are then able to open the space for help and support to flow into your life.

  4. Connection: Understanding how to connect and work with your intuition - instinctive and unconscious knowing without deduction or reasoning - that inner voice, deep sense of knowing or ‘gut feeling’, hunch or pull that moves you in a particular direction which comes from what is referred to as your Higher Self on a daily basis. It is essential that you learn to recognise the difference between guidance received intuitively through the heart from the Higher Self (rarely makes logical sense, is high vibrational, feels light, motivating, encouraging, positive and appears quickly, often in response to a question or a request for support and help as well as being consistent and repetitive) versus from the ego through the head from the False Self (low vibrational, feels heavy, scattered, confusing, is discouraging and negative, appears slowly, feels hard, distant or like you are stuck and brings worry, doubt or uncertainty). By connecting with your intuition you will be able to ask for clarity and help, listen and understand the information you are receiving, gain support and help with making smooth and effortless choices and decisions and to 100% trust your inner voice, sense of knowing, ‘gut feeling’, hunches and what you are being pulled towards in your everyday life – even if you do not understand it at the time.

While it is important that you find a spiritual practice that fits and feels right for you and supports you in your personal development as a soul, the following simple tips will help you get started and find what works best for you:

  1. Practice mindfulness, focus on your breath and become internally focused through visualization and meditation

  2. Acknowledge where you are at, accept the present and take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, actions, situations, experiences, environments and relationships

  3. Work with a Transformational Coach to help support you shift, clear, let go, heal and transform thoughts, beliefs, emotions, patterns or fears that may be holding you back from being all of who you are

Remember, you are a soul in a physical body and the more put the work in to growing and improving personally, the more your spiritual development will take off!


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