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Energy Review: What are you Focused On?

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Kick off your shoes, relax and let’s have a chat about those times in life where you might feel less than satisfied. I am sure there have been times when you have wished that parts of your life were more effective or more successful or that relationships were more fulfilling. You might feel that you are not in control of your life or like you are not fully expressing yourself as you truly are. Where the ‘real’ you has not come out yet or there may be parts where you feel under-prepared or undeveloped - or don’t know who you are or like you are not who people seem to think you are.

Understand that when you are feeling this way, you are being invited to take a big step up physically and vibrationally by letting go of any energy in the form of thoughts, fears, illusion, past wounds, old patterns and beliefs, emotions, projects, opportunities, relationships, challenges and any resistance that may be holding you back from successfully achieving your dreams. It is essential in the process of creating and manifesting in cooperation with the Universe that you complete any unfinished business, whether yours or someone else’s, as it drains your energy, pulls you back to the past, even if it is simply through your emotional reaction to the situation, experience or person, and creates resistance to you moving forward. The best way to begin looking at what it is that you need to let go of is to conduct an Energy Review and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What stories am I telling myself that are keeping me where I am and limiting my potential?

  • What relationships in my life are challenging, hard and exhausting?

  • What unhealthy patterns or expectations is it important to let go of right now?

  • What projects, opportunities or actions am I spending time on that are draining me?

  • What unfinished business do I need to complete and let go of?

  • What is it time to let go of physically, mentally, emotional and spiritually?

Don’t analyse the answers that come in, simply allow the truth of what needs completing or letting go of to reveal itself in its own time.

When you do the work to let go of who you think you are or want to be and allow your dreams and desires to be bigger than your fears, you automatically increase your spiritual vibration to new levels and your energy speeds up, supporting you to move through emotional upsets more quickly, forgive mistakes more easily, leap into new doorways or opportunities faster and more easily than before, achieve more in a shorter amount of time and align yourself and be in the same vibration as your desire. By taking this step and letting go and surrendering all that no longer serves you, you also free up your energy to choose your priorities and where it is you want to focus your attention - the present, the future or the past?

To successfully create and manifest, you must focus your energy on what it is that you desire as what you send out to the Universe you get back - whether deliberately or unconsciously - you attract it back as everything has energy - what you focus on expands - understanding this is the key to success in all areas of your life. You can start getting into the energy of success by planning, prioritising, scheduling your work and activities, evaluating opportunities, reflecting and reviewing on a regular basis, resting, reenergizing, learning new skills on any subject you are interested and surrounding yourself with uplifting and positive people. To help you get into this energy, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What stories are important to start telling myself that are aligned with the life I desire?

  • What relationships in my life are loving, joyful and uplifting?

  • What healthy patterns or expectations is it important to embrace right now?

  • What projects, opportunities or actions do I want to spend time on that uplift and inspire me?

  • What new uplifting doorways do I need to open and walk into right now?

  • What is it time to embrace physically, mentally, emotional and spiritually?

There will be challenges and obstacles on the path towards your dreams, have patience with yourself and others, persevere by taking enthusiastic and effective actions, don’t waste your time on what you cannot change, have confidence in your skills and abilities, be reliable and trustworthy, keep your agreements and honor your responsibilities only changing them by agreement and maintain the momentum through passion, excitement and joy.

Remember, you would not have been given a dream for what it is you desire in life if it was not possible to receive it! So, quieten your mind and focus your energy in a way that there is an absence of resistance so you are allowing your vibration to come into alignment with who-you-really-are, to the frequency of your source and to the frequency of inner being - it is when you are in vibrational alignment with who you really are that you must thrive, feel better and improve your point of attraction - which allows all things you desire to show themselves to you and start observing better things and life just gets better and better.


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