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Practice the Pause

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

In life there are times when you just don’t know what to do, where to go, or how to bring about the changes that we want to see in our world. It is at times like these that the Universe is asking you to “Practice the Pause” ….. what does that mean?


  • When you feel uncertain, pause

  • When you are in doubt, pause

  • When you are angry, pause

  • When you feel tired, pause

  • When you feel confused, pause

  • When you are stressed, pause

  • When you feel like judging, pause

  • When you want to blame, pause

  • When you feel anxious, pause

  • When you are fearful, pause

  • When you are hungry, pause

  • When you are overwhelmed, pause

  • When you are overthinking, pause

  • When you are frustrated, pause

  • When you are hurt, pause

The pause is the moment in time that allows you to breathe, acknowledge where you are and to reflect on what is being said by others, your own or others behaviours, your emotions, values, needs and what it is that you are wanting to create in your life moving forward so you can take appropriate steps and actions that are in alignment with who you are. It is also where you have the opportunity to choose between reacting (a fear-based way of interacting) or responding (a love-based way of interacting) to circumstances, situations or experiences in your life. The ability to be present to, understand, acknowledge and give voice to what is being presented, playing out or going on is something that many people find difficult.

The human brain (sometimes referred to as ego) tends to over-think, generalise, become over-whelmed, blame, distort, and/or divert responsibility, essentially stepping into reaction mode. When you react from your fears, limiting beliefs, sabotage patterns or ego you are not being true to your authentic self or taking responsibility for the energy you are bringing or allowing into your life through thoughts, emotions and actions. If you hear yourself saying things like “I can't ____, It’s all my/your fault ____, I shouldn’t have ______, I don’t deserve to ____, What if _______ etc.” then you know that you are in reaction mode, and your ego-self has taken over out of fear and is attempting to keep you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually safe. When this happens, Practice the Pause!!

By Practicing the Pause you allow your higher-self (inner GPS) to step in and guide you to take responsibility for your thoughts, words, emotions and actions, then respond from your truth, in alignment with your core values, what is most important to you, with integrity and from a place of love for self and others. When you respond you are respecting and honouring yourself, your needs, wants and desires and by doing so you teach others how you wish to be treated. If you hear yourself saying things like “I can ____, I am grateful, I am deserving, I am successful, I am willing____ etc.” then you know that you are in response mode and your higher-self is guiding you from a place of love, integrity and value to move you towards all that it is you desire!

To Practice the Pause you have to embrace PATIENCE:

  • Pause and breathe – 10 deep slow breaths into the belly and out again

  • Acknowledge and accept – take a moment to state what it is that you are feeling, seeing or experiencing and accept it exactly as it is without analysing it

  • Take inventory of your time – look at where it is that you are placing your focus and energy by looking at who you are spending time with, how you are utilising it and whether it is moving you towards what you want or away from it

  • Is it in integrity – ask yourself if what is being said is true for you? If your behaviours and actions are honestly moving you in the right direction? If what you are feeling is uplifting or pulling you down? If your experiences are valuing you and meeting your needs? If the opportunities or relationships in your life are what you want to create in your life moving forward?

  • Energy analysis – take the time to become consciously aware and present to your words, behaviours, emotions, needs, desires and whether you are in reaction or response mode, whether your head or your heart is leading you, whether your intuition or ego is guiding you.

  • No is a full sentence –you teach others how to treat you and what you will and will not allow in your life by what you say YES and what you say NO to, so take 100% responsibility for your life in each moment

  • Choose based on your values – take the pressure off yourself by coming back to your core values, what is most important to you, and choosing to do what feels right for you and is in alignment with who you are

  • Ease and Grace – follow the path of least resistance by communicating your needs, asking for what you want, taking appropriate guided actions (self-love) and getting help and support if/where appropriate/needed

Now that you have gained some clarity and awareness on how you can Practice the Pause, you will be more likely to be able to recognise and be present to all of your interactions, experiences, situations and opportunities in your life and choose whether you react (fear-based) or respond (love) so you can create the amazing, loving and abundant life you deserve!


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