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Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Kicking off 2019 with an exciting announcement which was put out to the Universe about 4 years ago ... Patience and consistent action creates results.

I am so incredibly grateful and blessed to let you know that the name "The Barefoot Medium" and "Leanne, The Barefoot Medium" are now officially registered trademarks for Education services, Training, Entertainment, Psychic Consultancy, Life Coaching (personal mentoring and support services), Personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals.

  • Click HERE to view registration details for The Barefoot Medium

  • Click HERE to view registration details for Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

Why have the words and phrase The Barefoot Medium and Leanne, The Barefoot Medium been registered? A trade mark, is not just ‘a logo’, it can also be a word or phrase, is a valuable asset for any business as it provides exclusive rights to use, licence and sell the mark. So while, I have been using 'The Barefoot Medium' and 'Leanne, The Barefoot Medium' as my brand and trademark for a long time, having this trademarked not only provides me with exclusive rights to using these words, it was time to take my brand to the next level. Having the brand registered also creates a powerful and valuable marketing tool that identifies my brand as unique, shows who I am and the quality of the products and services offered compared to others in the marketplace. It is also a way to protect my intellectual property (IP), by preventing others from using the trademark, brand, processes or things developed that differentiate me from others and creating confusion in the market or poor-quality imitations that negatively impact my brand's reputation - which is essentially against the law and an offence under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 known as 'passing off'.

What will change?

Not much will change really, from now on you will see the ® symbol immediately next to the phrase The Barefoot Medium and/or Leanne, The Barefoot Medium in the emails you receive, on the website, in blog and magazine articles and much more to show that I have exclusive rights to use these phases and words for psychic and mediumship consultations, coaching, education, training, support services as well as entertainment purposes.

I would encourage you to continue sharing my work, whether a blog, magazine article, radio or TV episode or other work, through social media or on web sites, as long as you include a link back to The Barefoot Medium and Leanne, The Barefoot Medium website to appropriately acknowledge my creations, work, trademark, brand and intellectual property (IP).

If you want to create anything yourself or use The Barefoot Medium name in any way, please contact me to request my express written permission before using it, regardless of whether you want to give something away for free or sell it. Permission will be granted solely at my discretion and where it aligns with the values, vision and goals for the brand and business moving forward. Licensing fees will apply to any commercial/for-profit use of my brand and there may be other requirements for such use depending on the circumstances and the context.

Where an infringement of this trademark is found, whether the exact words/phrase or one that is significantly similar for similar goods and/or services is being used and there is potential to cause confusion in the marketplace, you may receive a letter informing of the issue and requesting that it be remedied immediately. If no action is taken to stop using the trademark, legal action may be taken - which is not what I would prefer, however, it is simply the way trademark law works, so it is a requirement to protect my brand, IP and ensure that others do not use my trademark without permission and risk brand confusion.

Please feel free to email me if you have an inquiry about using my trademark or require further information.


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