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The Swing of a Pendulum - Guidance & Healing

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Pendulums have been used for centuries, whether to measure the acceleration of gravity, timekeeping or for divination and guidance. A pendulum is essentially an item of weight (a bob) connected to a wire, rod, chain, string or cord allowing it to swing freely back and forth under gravity's influence.

The pendulum is a fantastic tool for gaining guidance and insight as well as to support you in healing physically, mentally, emotionally and physically as it acts like a phone line to your higher self, source and spirit. For example, many of you will have heard of a pendulum being used as a way of discovering the sex of an unborn child or as a means of helping identify the location of missing items, locating people or over the body to determine what required re-balancing and healing.

In working with a pendulum for clearing and healing on self physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, you can gain confirmation and understand on where there may be any of the following:

  • Blocks, resistance, negativity, fears, expectations, obstacles, problems, clutter or mess

  • Programs, stories and limiting beliefs that are ready for releasing

  • Stuck or blocked emotions such as blame, shame, scarcity, lack, comparison, desperation, judgement, jealousy, drama, criticism, gossip, anger, hurt etc

  • Relationships with others

  • Past life connections, karma, DNA/family, contract, agreements or vows

In working with a pendulum for divination, it is essential that you first dedicate it to work with you only and to bring through divine truth - the highest truth from a much deeper level that you are consciously aware of. You will also want to attune it to your energy and determine the direction the pendulum wants to swing, normally clockwise for a 'yes' answer, anti-clockwise for a 'no' and back and forwards for a 'maybe'. This allows you to be confident in the information you are receiving, knowing that it is from your higher self, source and spirit and that the energy is flowing through and swinging the pendulum in response to your questions.

To start working with your pendulum, it is essential you start it from the resting position, where the bob is perfectly vertical and balanced, in a state of equilibrium. You will then ask begin asking questions you wish to receive guidance or insight to - they must be clear, concise and closed (short and focused) in order to receive back accurate answers. A good way to start is by using questions starting with "who, what, where, why and how" whether around love, relationships, finances, home, career, business, finances and much more. Then simply allow the energies to flow freely, remaining open and receptive to the answers from the highest truth.

Check out the short video below for how you can begin working with your pendulum to receive guidance and insight as well as for healing whether within you or between you and another person.

For those of you wanting to develop your mediumship, pendulums are an amazing way to help you develop your ability to ask clear, direct and concise questions to allow spirit to bring through facts and evidence of who in the spirit world you are communicating with. ​


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