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Balancing: The Head, Heart & Gut

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

​As I sit here this morning I am being guided to share some information about how you can work with and align your head, heart and gut to support you in embracing your passion, bringing more joy and love into your life, making decisions, moving through challenges and attracting and creating what you desire in life.

Let's start with some information about your head, which holds the intellectual mind, is rational, logical and has the ability to analysis situations, circumstances and events in your life. The head when aligned and in balance is clear and easily able to generate ideas, options, look for the pros and cons, finds creative solutions and has access to worldly and inner wisdom and knowledge. When the head is out of balance and not aligned, you will experience blocks in these areas, feel confused, go blank, overthink and become overwhelmed with options or everyday concerns.

The heart is in the center of the physical body and is the bridge between the head and the gut, allowing the energy to flow easily and fluidly or create blocks and internal conflict. The heart is your emotional center, it is where you experience your feelings, process deep emotions, know what you value most in life and how you feel about relationships. When the heart is in balance and aligned you experience love, compassion, passionate, joyful, however, when it is out of balance you may feel anger, frustration, boredom, lethargy, apathy and un-forgiveness.

Finally, the gut is the seat of your intuition, your inner guidance system letting you know what is really going on in different situations, experiences and relationships and is the little voice that tells you when something is right or wrong. The gut when in balance and aligned sends you clear intuitive messages without telling you why, provides you with courage, the ability to take inspired action, drives your desire for physical touch and is where you attract people, experiences and opportunities as well as procreate. When the gut is blocked or out of balance you may receive mixed and unclear messages, your fear may guide you to take actions to keep yourself safe and protected, not be open to physical touch or intimacy and you may also experience nausea, churning in the stomach, difficulties with conception or dizziness.

If you find your head, heart and/or gut out of balance, below are some questions and strategies you can use to help bring yourself back into alignment:

  • Head: Ask yourself the question "What do I really think?" and write down all the information, ideas and insights that come to mind, using a diary to plan your day and time, write all the tasks you have to get done on a to-do-list and prioritise them, brainstorm all the options, opportunities and solutions available to you and stick to the facts

  • Heart: Place your hand on your heart and ask yourself the question "What do I really value?" and write down everything that you are feeling (without judging it as right or wrong - gut), take some time to go into meditation and focus on your breath, visualise letting go of your emotion like a balloon and give yourself love and compassion

  • Gut: You can ask yourself the question "What do I deeply need?" and have the courage to take the action needed to give yourself what you need whether it is moving your physical body through yoga, walking, swimming or dance, getting a massage, giving or receiving a hug, healthy food or simply sitting in meditation and listening to what your intuition has to say

While the head, heart and gut each have their individual roles to play to support you in your daily life, it is also important that they work together in union. So, take the time each day to improve the connection and communication between your head, heart and gut so they work together in balance and keep you aligned with all that you desire in life.


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