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Feeling very grateful for friendships, current and past .... Wanted to share a just a little story about a friend and one of the first mediumship connections I did to someone who had passed over when I was about 29....

I was out for a few drinks with my sister and a couple of really good friends at out local pub on Christmas Eve about 20 years ago where we ran into another great mate, my best mate who was like a brother to me .... We all shared a few drinks, he told us about the brand new car that he had bought, sharing his excitement, had a few more laughs as usual and then we began saying our goodbyes. As I went to say goodbye to him we gave each other a hug (which was quite unusual) and we looked each other in the eye and I had this knowing that it would be the last time I would see him (didn't realise at the time what that meant). I turned to my sister and friends and shared how unusual and strange it was and simply went home and enjoyed Christmas with my family and friends.

A few weeks later, I was at another friends place and we were watching the news where they were showing a horrific car accident which had resulted in the passing of one young man. I commented to the friend how awful it was and how I had this sinking/sick feeling in my stomach. The next morning, I received a phone call (can not remember who from) letting me know that my friend was the one who had been killed in the car accident that I had seen on the news. I didn't recognise the car because it was new ... To say that this came as a shock is an understatement! While, my friend didn't always abide by the rules and partook in substances that were not exactly legal ... he had the most amazing heart, the best smile and laugh, a real lovable larikin to say the least and was an extremely talented rugby league player (if he hung around he was destined for some amazing opportunities). He was also part of our family, with my Dad coaching him at football and my Mum just generally being a second mum (and shaking her head at some of his antics)! His funeral was a difficult day, watching my Dad give the most heartfelt and difficult eulogy, I think he has had to make so far ....

About 1 week later, my beautiful friend came to me at night, while I have had Spirit around me all my life, I blocked them out for a long time and he was the first person who had passed that I consciously remember connecting with as an adult ... It was like we were having a conversation with each other on end of the phone and talking like normal, it was so surreal and comforting all at the same time - I recall him saying to me that "it was time". I had absolutely no idea at that point what that meant ... I know today that he was the reason, I stepped into my work as a Medium and for that I will forever be grateful as he was the catalyst and it has allowed me to help many people in return.

My friend continues to work beside me and with me, helping to teach my students and has done an absolute fantastic job, making it so much fun in some cases for my students. He hangs out with me from time to time, playing the songs we all used to sing-along to while drinking and playing thumper or just generally looking after me. He has often kept me updated on his family and let me know that one day (at the right time) I would need to help them talk to him ... well, a few years ago I had a beautiful opportunity to reconnect him with one of his family members ... there were a few tears and a few laughs in amongst it ....

It is a great reminder that it is ok to talk about those you miss and to allow yourself to move through grief in your own way and in your own time ... and that Spirit has a way of helping us to open to our spiritual path in unusal ways.


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