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Clarity for things to flow into place

When you have clarity of intention, the Universe conspires with you to make it happen – Fabienne Fredrickson

Everyday you are invited to make choices and decisions. This could be around your home and simple things like what they cook for dinner, where you want to place certain pieces of furniture, deciding whether to stay in your current location or make a move. It may be around love and relationships, deciding if you are ready to invite a partner into your life, how you need to receive and give love, whether you are ready to make a commitment or start a family together. Or it may be around your work and business, where you need to decide what products and services you want to offer your clients, what financial value you place on what you are offering, how you want to promote and get yourself out into the world or if you need to invest in yourself in order to take your business to the net level or if you are ready to bring others into your business.

When you look at making choices and decisions from an energetic and spiritual perspective, it is all about choosing where you want to place and focus your energy. To do this it is essential that you have clarity about what it is that you are intending to create or manifest in your life – in other words what is your goal or the outcome that you would like to aim for? Through clarity you are able to make choices and decisions which then allow you to take action from your heart and a Divinely guided space.

Once you have clarity, things will flow into place. But what exactly is clarity and how do you find it?

  • Clarity comes from seeking and finding the information, guidance and insights you need from within yourself – it is not outside of you.

  • Clarity comes from having the patience to seek out the light of wisdom that will help you to make the highest most loving and Divine choice for you – it is not found in rushing and seeking wisdom from a place of fear and doubt.

  • Clarity provides you with an opportunity to look at things from a different higher and Divine perspective, that puts the bigger picture together, that fits information and pieces together in a way that fits with who you are, your Divine purpose so you can take the best possible action for you – it is not controlling how things need to fit and fall into place.

  • Clarity allows you to take time to be with issues in your life, to pull in your higher Divine self, to connect with your inner being and to invite clear information and insights in so you can discover the best action to take before you actually move into taking action - it does not waste time, it will save you time.

  • Clarity is reached by training the mind to step to the side and to allow Divinely guided answers to flow into your awareness with ease and grace – it is not reached by thinking, analysing and researching.

Once you know how to find clarity, what exactly will it help you to allow into your life?

  • When you have clarity about your purpose and path in life, it allows you to direct clear energy into every other area of your life, it gives you joy.

  • When you have clarity about your intention, where you are going or the process you want to experience in getting there, it gives you confidence.

  • When you have clarity about why you are doing or want to do things, it allows the Universe to easily bring you what you want and the rewards, it gives you motivation.

  • When you have clarity in the agreements you make with yourself and others, it reduces confusion, the potential for disappointment and problems as you move forward, it gives you integrity and honour.

  • When you have clarity in your communication and you speak precisely and truthfully, it allows for honesty, compassion and action to flow, it gives you understanding.

  • When you have clarity in your connection with the Divine, Source, Universe it allows the physical, mental and emotional bodies to align with the spiritual, it gives you flow.

Having clarity leads you to the best actions for you to take to move forward in one way or the other, to no longer feel stuck, to stay focused and living life from a place of conscious awareness of the Divine. The clearer your energy, the more conscious and present you are to where your focus is and the less likely you are to be affected, influenced or impacted by other people’s projections or interfere with what they believe is good and right for you. With more clarity in your life, the less touched you will be by other’s expectations or desires which allows you to navigate life from a place of ease and complete trust and faith in the Divine to guide and lead you on your path.


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