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I have a right to say No ... Boundaries

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

“I have a right to say 'NO' to anything ....

  • I am uncomfortable with

  • That does not feel loving or kind

  • That does not give me freedom to choose

  • That does not bring me joy or peace

  • That I do not want or have to do

  • That I am not ready for

Boundaries are incredibly important for your own self-care and love! In relationships you are given the opportunity each and every day to demonstrate what you value in life, what you see as valuable in others, what is truly important to you in the world as well as the behaviours and actions you are willing to take or allow from others. Establishing healthy boundaries allows you to be shown when relationships are out of alignment with your values (love, respect, joy, connection, compassion, support, honesty, success etc etc). Listen to the flags you are shown, whether through words, thoughts, emotions or actions, of what is not right for you, regardless of what others tell you, suggest, push or attempt to dump on you. Empower yourself by saying 'NO' to what stunts your growth or does not enable you to thrive. Use discernment to choose what does not fit or work for you, giving any energy that is not yours back to it's rightful owner, detaching and then letting it go. You absolutely have the power and the right to love you first, to establish and maintain healthy boundaries by saying 'NO' so you remain in alignment with your values, your path and your souls growth. Open your heart to people, opportunities, relationships, situations which are in direct alignment with your values. If what you value does not resonate for others, then that is fantastic, trust that they too will create amazing opportunities for their learning and growth so their soul is able to thrive. Sending you love and courage to start saying 'NO' to what doesn't work for you so you can start saying 'YES' to creating your life filled with self-love, respect, honour and kindness.


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