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What is "Honesty" for you?

Earlier this week I was asked a question about what is “honesty” for me … After some reflection and a wee bit of research, I thought I would share my learnings and invite you to ask yourself the same thing:

Lying is defined as “not telling the truth”. It is a choice, an action, some people take to “get oneself into or out of a situation”, “behaving or prone to behave in an untrustworthy, deceitful or insincere way”, "using others information and ideas as your own" or sharing information or taking actions which are “intended to mislead or cheat” -

Dishonesty is defined as “keeping secrets, non-disclosure of complete information, lying, keeping up a facade, being hypocritical or trying to cheat someone” -

Now each of us comes from a different level of consciousness and awareness, that is the lens we look through to see our reality, which then in turn influences our perceptions, beliefs, mindset and values. I accept where each person is at in their journey and their perceptions, beliefs, values and mindset are simply a reflection of their level of consciousness – neither right nor wrong, good nor bad, it just is and has no power over us without our reaction to it.

When you step up in your level of consciousness or awareness, you begin to see or be shown things more clearly, the fog starts to lifts and you start opening your eyes to new truths, new perceptions, new insights, new knowledge about not only who you are in the world, also who those around you are and what their your place is within it.

So, in answer to the question from earlier this week about what is “honesty” for me … it is telling the truth no matter what the outcome or consequences. It is disclosing complete information, even if it gets you in trouble or results in conflict, others feelings being hurt. It is behaving in ways that are consistent, trustworthy, honest, kind and sincere, if you have to hide it, it is not honest. It is removing the masks of inauthenticity, allowing all parts of you to be seen (joy, happiness, sadness, frustration, hurt, anger etc etc). It is playing the parts or taking on the roles that are true and right for you – not what others want you to play or be in the world to keep them happy. It is about doing the best you can to keep your thoughts, emotions and actions completely coherent and consistent, rather than being hypocritical and saying one thing one day, another the next or doing something in complete opposition to your truth, that is not honest.

We all have the ability to be 'dishonest" at times, it is our ability to be present, conscious and aware of it that let's us know where we are at in our personal development and consciousness and provides us with an opportunity to step up and grow into more of our truth and to be more honest with ourselves and others in the world.

Would love to hear from you about what "honesty" is for you - remember your truth is your truth, what you judge in others is also within you.


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