Finding the Joy with Spirit


While we all have activities, tasks and commitments to undertake in our everyday lives whether to do with work, study, family, friends, partners or our health and well-being, which requires the use of your masculine energy of DO-ing. The masculine is expressed as strength, courage, wisdom, power, dominance, leadership, charisma, presence, independence, assertiveness, self confidence and is directed, focused, rigorous, logical and action orientated. The feminine is expressed through the emotions, bringing in the qualities of subtle communication, intuition, relationships, nurturing, warmth, kindness, radiance, beauty, sensuality, love, spontaneity as well as your ability to surrender and go with the flow, simply BE-ing. While, you all have both masculine and feminine aspects within you, which makes you whole and complete, you must find a balance, integrate and fully express both parts of who you are in order to feel joy in your life.


To help with help you get back into your feminine flow and embrace find joy in your everyday, you can call on your Joy Guide in Spirit to show you what it is you need to embrace and allow in order to feel joyful. Each of you have a Joy Guide, who is often quite playful and child-like, who helps you to lighten up, enjoy and see the lighter fun side of life. They are responsible for helping you to feel good about yourself, increasing your self-esteem, making decisions that will bring you happiness and joy, feel confident and excited as you follow your path in life. Call upon them when you need to be reminded of how to have fun and play, how powerful laughter and smiling is, as well as to provide reassurance and hope for the future. If you are developing your intuition and spiritual abilities, your Joy Guide can also help you to keep your spiritual vibration high, uplifted and positive so that you are able to easily connect and communicate with Spirit.


The best way to connect with your Joy Guide is through the use of laughter, dance, play, jumping, hopping, smiling, singing, blowing bubbles, using a hoola-hoop, kicking a ball, exercise….whatever feels fun and joyful for you.  By embracing these things you open yourself up to receiving more intuitive guidance, insight and inspiration from Spirit as well as opportunities, experiences and relationships which bring you more joy in your life! Simply think of your Joy Guide like that cheeky little child that just loves to have fun, play and expresses themselves authentically at every opportunity they have. Connect with them at any time and allow them to support you in Finding your Joy

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