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Spirit Baby


During a Spirit Baby Reading, Leanne will connect and communicate with the soul of babies yet to be conceived and those still in utero to bring through guidance, insights and messages for their parents-to-be.  These readings provide a beautiful opportunity for clarity for those having difficulty conceiving as the Spirit Babies often bring through insights and guidance to help you shift, transform and heal any thoughts, emotions, beliefs, patterns, situations and relationships that may be blocking conception.  You may also receive information from your Spirit Baby about health and well-being, your home environment and the timing in order to support you to take the steps necessary to bring their soul into the physical world.  Your Spirit Baby may also provide you with guidance about how you can continue to connect and communicate with them on your own by working with your intuition and inner knowing.  Spirit babies are excited to connect, communicate and bring through messages for you, making these readings lots of fun and often surprising!  You will have the opportunity during your reading to ask your Spirit Baby questions, you are just asked to trust that the information you receive will be exactly what is needed to support their soul to be born into the physical.

All readings are available LIVE online via Zoom video conferencing or via Phone (Whatsapp) worldwide for 1 hour and are amazingly accurate, powerful and transformative experiences where you receive channelled messages from Source, the Divine and Spirit Babies to support you with your journey toward becoming a parent. 

30 minute Readings $120AUD

1 hour Readings $195AUD

Sessions are also available for Colombian clients & can be booked online.

Within 48 hours of receiving your booking, you will receive a further confirmation email with details about how to access your online or phone reading.

* If you would like a recording of your reading, please let Leanne know at the beginning of your session and it can be made available to you afterwards.

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