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Spirit Baby Readings...


During a Spirit Baby Reading, Leanne connects and communicates with the soul of babies yet to be conceived and those still in utero to bring through guidance, insights and messages for their parents-to-be.  These are a beautiful opportunity for clarity for those having difficulty conceiving with baby often bringing through insights and guidance to help you shift, transform and heal any thoughts, emotions, beliefs, patterns, situations and relationships that may be blocking conception.  You may also receive information from baby about health and well-being, your home environment and timing in order to support you to take the steps necessary to bring their soul into the physical world.  You may also be provided you with guidance about how you can continue to connect and communicate with baby on your own by working with your intuition and inner knowing.  Spirit babies are excited to connect, communicate and bring through messages for you, making these readings lots of fun and often surprising!  You will also have the opportunity to ask baby questions, you are just asked to trust the information you receive will be exactly what is needed to support their soul to be born into the physical.

All readings are available LIVE online via Zoom video conferencing or via Phone worldwide for 30 minutes or 1 hour and can be booked using PayPal or Debit or Credit Card:

30 minute Readings $150AUD

1 hour Readings $220AUD

Within 48 hours of receiving your booking, you will receive a further confirmation email with details about how to access your online or phone reading.

* If you would like a recording of your reading, please let Leanne know at the beginning of your session and it can be made available to you afterwards.



I just wanted to thank you, so much, for the Spirit Baby reading. I have never had a reading resonate so very much before; it was truly amazing. I feel so rejuvenated, knowing my babies will come, when the time is right!



This was my first Baby spirit reading and I'm so happy I have done it. It dispelled my fears and made me more calm. It was so lovely to have a chance to connect with my spirit babies but also with souls of my loved ones. The way you described them I have no doubts that they were really present. I'm looking forward to having one more reading once my second baby is conceived.


I just wanted to let you know that I had a consult with my naturopath and ... I’m low in estrogen so you picking up on baby not being able to stick was amazing! My naturopath said it was such an amazing alignment to have this reading. She’s now got me on products to help with the “sticking”. Just want to say thank you so much for this reading it helped me a lot.


It was my first ever Spirit Baby Reading. I had read a couple of books on spirit babies and listened to some podcasts but never gotten a reading as I'm single and for many years had decided not to have children.  But in the recent two years I felt myself nudged into a different direction than what I had in mind so I decided to look into getting a proper Spirit Baby reading. Thing is, there aren't many readers offering this and I truly believe the divine led me to Leanne. It was a great pleasure to have a session with her! She is such a wise, understanding and kind soul. She gently transcribes to you the info she receives from the spirit babies - their characteristics, how important it is to them for you to live your best/ authentic self etc. The whole reading is centred on unconditional love - you feel it deep in your soul throughout the session. This reading deepened my insight and understanding of spirit babies and my soul self. Looking forward to another follow up session in time to come! My deepest gratitude to Leanne for this amazing and life changing experience!

Leanne read for me, but when I booked in, I forgot to ask for what I wanted, which was a spirit baby reading. I wanted that, I didn't ask for it, and I got it anyway.  I felt so connected and in contact with Leanne.  The precision of your reading left me with warm chills.  I felt so empowered to connect with the spirits of my ancestors whom I love and miss.  I felt so empowered to be faced with my baby spirit, and precious one, I can't wait til we meet in this realm. I would have another reading in a heart beat, and I hope you do too. 


Thank you so much for your Spirit Baby reading. You made so much sense to me and I honestly felt that you could read my most inner thoughts. Just incredible.  I have read my notes several times over and am trying to take everything onboard and practice what you have taught me.  These affirmations will be great and I shall start them today.  Thank you so much, I am still blown away by your absolute talent and your kind, loving and gentle way. I feel so much happier and more positive since we spoke.  Thank you and I certainly hope to call you with great news soon.



Once again, thank you for the insight  during our session. My husband and I had a lot to talk about after my session with you that really helped us process a lot of things in regards to our family and what we want to see bloom out of it. Inna


Thank you so much for my reading. It was lovely and I sent all the messages you received to my husband. You confirmed a lot for me especially that this next IVF journey will be worth it!


I really enjoyed my reading from Leanne it was so helpful and I felt like she is the real thing, really in touch with my spirit baby.

 which is not the case usually with Psychics! It was a very healing experience and I am grateful


I wanted to share that after our baby spirit reading earlier on in Jan 2022, I found out that I was pregnant. What a complete shock. We were literally about to start IVF the day after speaking to you but it was never needed. We are now 16 weeks along and I am remembering to take on your recommendations in my reading .... Thank you for the reading - it was incredibly helpful to work through many of my emotional blocks.