Consciousness - The relationship between the mind, spirit, and the world with which they interact

Medium's Lounge

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Becoming a VIP member of The Medium’s Lounge is the best way for you to take your connection with Spirit to the next level by joining this exclusive community of like-minded souls where you will receive regular readings and guidance as well as access to courses, webinars and resources to help you connect, develop and grow your intuition, psychic and mediumship abilities.  By becoming a VIP member of The Medium's Lounge you will:

  • Learn to connect to your authentic self, intuition, Spirit Guides, Universe and passed over loved ones

  • Understand how to quieten your mind and lift your spiritual vibration

  • Become aware of the difference between the ego and intuition

  • Strengthen the connection between your head and heart so you trust and stay in flow with your Intuition and Spirit

  • Shift, transform and heal stories and patterns holding you back from fully embracing your gifts and abilities

  • Understand the importance of meditation and sitting in the power with Spirit

  • Learn processes and practical tools and techniques to support you in confidently working with your psychic and mediumship abilities

Note:  Topics and exercises will be guided by Spirit and be based on what is required for those in the group each month.

Individually, we are one drop.  Together we are an ocean

for only $99AUD per month

Join Now!

(under $25 per week - less than a coffee a day!

Your VIP membership to The Medium’s Lounge includes:

  • LIVE Guidance from Spirit providing insights into the Universal energy for the month ahead as well as opportunities for you to ask questions, seek support and guidance from Spirit to help you move forward

  • LIVE Wisdom from Spirit Webinars sharing knowledge insights and techniques on various topics to support you spiritually and with developing your intuition, psychic and mediumship abilities

  • Meditation with Spirit taking you on a journey of healing, transformation, clearing, connection and alignment to support your spiritual development

  • eCourses and a library of resources to support you spiritually 

  • Early invitations to events and retreats with VIP members only discounts and giveaways

All LIVE sessions will be held on Tuesdays at 1.00pm (AEST, Brisbane, Australian time).  If you are unable to join the LIVE sessions, you will be able to watch the recordings and replays through the exclusive VIP Members area. Leanne may also invite special guest Mediums, Psychics and/or Intuitives to join her in The Medium's Lounge to share their experiences and offer insights​ throughout the month as guided by Spirit.

Once payment for your VIP membership has been received, you will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours containing full details about accessing the VIP members area.

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