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Leanne is passionate about writing and sharing practical tools and tips to support people in their personal and spiritual development as well as with their everyday lives and is a regular contributor to a variety of magazines.

The Temple Magazine

The Temple was created and produced by Leanne, The Barefoot Medium and published electronically to provide knowledge, wisdom and guidance through articles, affirmations, readings, guidance, teachings, tips and meditations which support you to connect, transform and grow with Love, Soul and Spirit in your everyday life.

Previous Editions

The Lightworker Advocate Magazine

I am delighted to be a regular contributor and columnist for The Lightworker Advocate Magazine which aims to raise the planet’s vibration and change people’s lives through enlightment.  Please feel free to read the articles contributed to the magazine below:

White Light Publishing House

I am excited to be contributing articles to White Light Publishing House on topics around spirituality, relationships and life experiences to support people around the world and uplift the vibration of the planet.  Articles contributed to include:

Magical Goddess Magazine

I am excited to be contributing articles to the Magical Goddess Magazine to support women, who are willing to step into their authentic power and surrender to the divine flow, the Goddess within. Articles contributed to include:

The Empath Magazine

I am excited to be contributing articles to The Empath Magazine, published four times a year both as an e-zine and a paper version, is probably the only magazine in the world dedicated exclusively to Empaths and Hightly Sensitive People (HSP).  Articles contributed to this magazine include:

Sage Magazine

Leanne contributed the following article to Sage Magazine:

Holistic Bliss Magazine

I was honoured to contribute the following article to Holistic Bliss magazine:


The Source Magazine

In 2013 I was invited to contribute the following article in The Source magazine:

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