Transform Your Money Story Webinar

Money touches every part of your life.  Fact!  You need it to have your basic needs met – food, waters, shelter etc.  Money is an energy, a vibration, that you make a decision, consciously or unconsciously, around how you want to direct, transfer or exchange through your thoughts, beliefs, stories, emotions and actions.  ​Whether it is directing it from one place to another, one person to another, exchanging it for time, for wisdom, knowledge, skills or abilities, for products or services etc.  Money is there to support your life, an energy to help you, not for you to struggle with, fight against or work hard to receive, it is a something that you tap into and allow in or out of your life. 

This Webinar is for you if you:

  • Feel stuck, overwhelmed, stressed or anxious about your finances

  • Have a love hate relationship with money

  • Feel confused about why you find it so difficult to create wealth and abundance in your life

  • Have money come in and then flow out at a faster rate

  • Feel like your lack of finances is limiting your potential and holding you back

  • Have debt that you struggle or work hard to get on top of

  • Feel overwhelmed by the negative thoughts and emotions around money and just don't know what to do

What if I told you that all of this is the result of the Money Story you have playing out that you are making true through your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions. 


Would you be willing to commit to spending time shifting and transforming your money vibration and connecting into your natural state of abundance and wealth?


Then I dare you to say YES by kicking off your shoes and joining my Transform Your Money Story Webinar, so you shift your vibration and start receiving the money, abundance and wealth you desire in 2020!

You will be amazed at the shifts and transformations you experience, so kick off your shoes and join me for support in aligning with the vibration of money, abundance and wealth!

Date and Time:  11am be advised

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Investment:  Huge benefits for a small investment of $45 which includes:

  • 2 hour LIVE Online Webinar Session

  • Transform your Money Story worksheets

  • Meditation, clearing, exercises, processes & practical tasks to assist you in aligning with abundance and wealth


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I look forward to support you in creating your new Money Story so you can start receiving the money, abundance and wealth you desire in 2020!

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